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Zwicker & Associates, P.C. Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Zwicker & Associates, P.C.

100 Congress Avenue
Austin AU 78701
(512) 279-0338

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
512-279-0338 248-743-0882 978-686-2255 904-262-7760 336-393-1086 800-370-2251 623-492-6031 954-623-1630 877-366-6737 888-225-2595 888-389-6736 866-229-4978 954-503-1800 206-629-8697 877-354-8148

Lessie W. Carl8/21/10
I received a letter from Zwicker in July stating I owed $$ on a credit card that had been paid off in July of 2003.
I talked with them, faxed my info to them, and now three months later when I called again (they don't return calls when they know they are wrong) and finally got someone - he was extremely unprofessional telling me to just "pay the amount". My gripe was that the person who was suppose to be taking care of my situation - never followed thru - never made phone calls to who he should have to resolve this situation and didn't even have the courtesy to call me back.
This is a company that should be shut down - and business given to some other collection agency. This can by no means be any type of professional law firm. This is a disgrace to people who are either trying to pay off debts OR have paid them off YEARS ago that they still try to collect on. I even wonder if Zwicker and Associates use computers since they can't seem to find any information on anything.
I'm considering obtaining a lawyer of my own for the problems THEY have given me!

Good Luck with this group of ill-mannered and extremely unprofessional people.

E. C. David9/9/10
I've been reading news about Zwicker & Associates, P.C. lately and I figure out that many people have issues depending on their professionalism. These people has been harassed by many customer representative. Same complaints has been take place.

These mistakes should not be ignored. The name of the company itself is at risk. Management must take good care of their reputation as a business.

I do hope that this company will take a look and take necessary actions to immigrate their risk and ear back the trust of their valued customers.

Bill Tan11/9/10
Zwicker & Associates, P.C. are very rude.In the last phone call I've received , the guy who called me representing them started yelling at me trying to convince me of something I knew it wasn't true.

contact my attorney francis j masciocchi 6097848690

End Harassment//
To everyone,

Never discuss a financial matter with someone calling you over the phone. It is not possible to verify someone's identity over the phone. It is common sense. Interact only by certified written mail. If you have something to communicate, do so with the original lender. You did not enter into an agreement with this company.

Never acknowledge debt over the phone with anyone. Identity theft issues and privacy issues, etc.

They can only harass you if you give them the time of day. Frankly, if they are calling, your credit is already severely damaged. I have researched this number and there is nothing positive to be gained by dealing with such individuals conducting themselves this way. If you can afford to pay, pay the company you owe and keep record of the settlement. If a debt collection company comes after you, the record of settlement will suffice for prove on your part.

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