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Warren Schembs Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Warren Schembs

Kansas City MO 64196

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Andrew D. Gardenhire8/22/10
I got an e-mail that "Warren Schembs" sent to me today. Which, oddly enough, is about the same time that the BBB has contacted the "company" he works for as a result of complaints filed by myself and several other people who have been harassed by this company.

Keep in mind that in my case, I have paid my debt in full. In fact, I overpaid, they refunded part of the amount I sent them for my payoff because I paid so early. Warren Schembs doesn't understand that, and I want him to push this as far as he can. After all, you can't argue with a processed check, or a letter that says "thank you for paying off your loan with Xpress Cash/PD6 Ventures". This is check and mate, and I am going to broadcast this here for all to see. Watch as this dummy hangs himself right before everyone here!

Nicole Modell9/4/10
I have been reading news abut Warren Schembs and lately their "simple" mistake cannot be ignored. Those kind of carelessness should be taken actions immediately. The name of the company itself is at risk. They need to take a look on their employees actions or a lot of their clients will end up suing the company and thus it will lead to losing more clients.

I have not experienced anything yet with Warren Schembs but I do know a lot of people complaining same issues like yours. Most of them end up gathering their facts and end up taking legal actions for this company's simple carelessness.

I have heard some were being harassed as well for their debts which they already settled. I do hope that this company will take a look and take necessary actions immediately to mitigate their risks.

Deborah R. White9/5/10
Warren Schembs has been very popular in the news lately. They have affected quite a number of people which made them receive several criticisms from their clients. It can be said that their flaws are too simple to be paid by much attention, but these may still lead to a more serious issue, more than it is about finance.

Their clients must have been in total distress now that this company, in which they have given loads of trust, has been put into a difficult and embarrassing situation like this. It is not just the company who is in deep circumstance, but more than them are the clients who have been paying them consistently.

The company must settle its efficiency and uprightness in order to satisfy the doubtful minds of the people making interrogations about them.

I donít want to be called by collection agencies that keep demanding payments from me. I know what I owe everyone Ė I donít need to be reminded several times a day. These people should watch how they talk and they should not lie to me about how much I have to pay them.

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