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Vincent P Cignarale Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Vincent P Cignarale


Robert B. Johnson8/21/10
I received a call all this month from them and I am afraid its a scam. What does everyone else think? I asked them to email me and they never did, but later sent me a letter which looks so unprofessional and Ive never received letters from this place before and they claim that they sent me plenty in the past, which is not true. Im not buying it! Althought the debt is on my credit report I believe that they are trying to scam me, crazy how its the highest debt too. I am scared this is a scam which someone has our private info.

Max 9/8/10
Report them to the the Federal Trade Commission

B. Young9/9/10
In order to stop unwanted phone calls you need to write a very brief letter to the collection agency or collection attorney. Simply put, I am not allowed to take phone calls at work and it is inconvenient to call me at anytime. I will correspond with you through the US postal service only. Saying this over the phone will not stop the calls, it must be done in writing. Be sure to send your letter, certified, return receipt. Keep a copy of your letter and when the green card comes back attach it to your letter. This is your proof of notice should you receive more calls. File complaints using the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, (FDCPA). Read it and know it before filing complaints though.

What do you do if they won't leave the address of their offices I have been looking online and I haven't been able to find it. The person on the phone refuses to give a full address and I'm not even sure that the partial address they gave me is real or could even be of any use.

I donít enjoy being called 10 times a day by this annoying debt collection agency. They do telemarketing calls and they offer products that I donít even need. I donít enjoy hidden fees and unfair high interest charges. I tell them to stop calling and they still call.

The address for this annoying collection agency/bottom feeder lawyer firm is

5100 Transit Rd
Depew, New York, 14043

This law firm has so many mailing addresses, it's not even funny. After getting off the phone with them about a few minutes ago (of which I'm still having an uneasy feeling about, not because they were rude, but as of though I had to pull teeth for them to even get the address from them! Which indicates to me that they have something to hide... big time!).

The mailing address for correspondences (and I dare you all to send complaints!) is:

375 N French Rd #107
Amherst, New York, 14228

HOWEVER.... when looking this particular law firm up online, I came across this address from the NY State Unified Court System:

250 Delaware Avenue Suite 33
Buffalo, NY 14202-2014

Go get'em, people!!!

Marta Senfer11/9/10
I keep receiving rude phone calls from people from this company.It is really annoying.

Collector X12/2/10
The Law Office of Vincent Cignarale has one client Viking Recovery Services...Viking uses Cignarale's license to try and convince debtors they are a law office not a collection agency. I will say that the mgmt does a great job of training new hires in the Rules and Regs of debt collecting, but once you get on the floor its the Wild West....The French Rd Address is the actual debt collection office...The Delaware Ave office is Cignarales office. Chris Hess manages the office for Doug Mckinnon

Doug Mckinnon12/7/10
Just pay your bills......stop looking for away out and u call people that collect are scum but look in the mirror....

James J.12/15/10
LOL I got a call this morning, I imagine it's over Check n Go however they are a affiliated with the CFSA under it's guidelines reads NO Criminal prosecution. No check cashing place affiliated with this stamp can do so. Trust me I did my homework on this considering two other check cashing places are working with me on payments and are getting them promptly every month. However Check n go decided to be a bitch! even after offering to make payments being I am disabled on SSI/SS which is not garanshiable by any law, except federal, such as taxes school loans and such. Federal Law states 42 U.S.C (United States Code) Section 407(a) Those funds SS/SSI are not garnisable Under state and federal law as required K.S.A 60-2313 (and other statues)And under the Fair Dept Collections Practices Act 15 U.S.C. ß1692c(c) you can respectfully request as I am doing now to stop communicating with me.

James J.12/15/10
Myth: Payday lenders use coercive collection practices.

Reality: CFSA member companies are committed to collecting past due accounts in a professional, fair and lawful manner. In accordance with CFSAís best practices, companies may not pursue criminal actions against a customer as a result of the customerís check being returned unpaid. If it becomes necessary and is appropriate, however, companies may turn the account over to a collection agency.

Mike R12/15/10
I have been receiving collections calls from this 'Law Office' since this summer. I originally asked for them to send me an email with the debt obligation. I have yet to receive anything. After four attempts for them to email me, I finally asked them to send me a certified letter with proof of obligation.

I have never heard of the company they claim I owe.

Instead, they sent me a letter on their Law Firm's letter head with the name of the company that they say I owe, which I still have no idea who it is, and a demand for payment. This was not sent via certified mail. This did not include anything that indicates I actually have a debt.

I'm preplexed about how the State of New York hasn't officially revoked the law license of this firm.

Informed Consumer12/22/10
This collection company is a fraud plain and simple. To all the people reading this, the law requires all debt collectors to identify themselves as such. This company identifies itself as a law office and then proceeds to try to collect debts, which it can not do. Also they will threaten criminal prosecution if the debt is not paid immediately. Again this is not allowed under the debt collection laws. Debt collection is strictly a civil matter. The police are not going to show up at your door, the states attorney or the attorney general is not going to prosecute you for having debt. If they call you and say you owe them money tell them you require a letter verifying the debt. They are required by law to provide this letter to you. If they call you at work tell them to stop calling you there. They must comply and stop calling you, if not you have every right to take legal action against them. This company buys up bad debt for pennies on the dollar and then tries to strong arm people into paying. Thats how they make their money. If in doubt about a collection company save every correspondence you have with them (I mean everything, every voice mail, email, post it, etc) and talk to an attorney.

I received a call today too, a 'Ms. Baldwin' was looking for my fiance.
she said she needed him to call back so she could help him out of being summoned. took down her name and number and had him call her. she was so disrespectful and would not let him get a word in edge wise. when he asked to have documentation faxed or emailed she simply said she didn't have. It it does sound like this is definitely a scam since they simply cannot validate the debt for us . We will not be sending a dime to these people.

john doe1/8/11
It's a scam. They tried to scam me and it didn't work. The guy ended up yelling and screaming and getting aggravated cause he could eff with me. He can suck a big one.

scared as hell but willing to pay on my terms1/21/11
im in florida i took a payday loan i did at one point in time i ran around like a chicken with my head cut off..lolol..so they leave a msg saying its for stinky marine brian..thats one..when i call and i advise i can do $5-$10 they stated "this office doesnt take less than $50 a month" sn:is that even legal..i mistakenly vfyd some info everything but my address..they stated they were going to send the sheriff to my home to serve me and that i would have to pay the court fees..this is bananas..is all i can say

john doe2/2/11
I received a call yesterday stating that they were going to press charges with the da in my county for 200$? I took out a payday loan 5 years ago and thought i payed it back and then 5 years later i hear from them out of the blue stating they were going to pursue fraud charged

Just pay your bills & QUIT YOUR DAMN WHINING.. HOLY CRAP. You take out loans run up debt & then when its time to pay u wanna right away press charges on people that actually hold u accountable. No wonder America is going to shit, If this is how u take care of things imagine how your children will act. Kudos to raising a bunch of kids with no Self Respect... KEEP BITCHEN What a bunch of Loosers

Chicago Jeff2/4/11
I had a pdl and failed to pay. These guys call one day tell me I owe $$$$ and they will only accept $260 a month. I told them $150. Guy gets mad and says he will see me in court. Then they start calling my work...Parents...Exwife...Dog. Oh well at least the Dog seams to enjoy the chit-chat. The collections guy and the dog have the same mental capacity

Jane Missouri2/10/11
I just got a call from Joseph Rivera saying that I had a credit card back in 2006 that was for $300.00 and that they were going to offer me a settlement of $400.00 or call my employer and garnish my wages for $1000.00. Of course I have till tomorrow to give him my answer and the money. I'm pretty sure I paid this credit card off and cut it up, however since I didn't hold on to information from 6 years ago. Can a place in New York honestly take me to court?

CA Mom3/2/11
I keep getting messages on my machine from Cignarale Law saying I "may" call them back regarding a matter that requires my attention. I've recieved nothing in the mail about this. I know I don't have any collection items. I'm pretty sure they're skip tracing someone with the same name. I got a call from a credit card company trying to collect like $300 from someone with the same name. The cc co verified it wasn't me based on last 4 of my ss#. Hopefully, they'll give up because I don't want to have deal with these people. In CA, the Attorney General is pretty good at dealing with illegal business practices, so that's the route I'll go if I need to. I suggest others do the same.

angela stevens3/10/11
i keep receiving phone calls for a jessica butcher. i am not jessica butcher,i have call the number back and told the stupid woman that answewd the phone.look her yp on facebook STOP STOP STOP calling my number jessica butcher DES NOT HAVE 740-876-8402- ANYMORE.DO I NEED TO CALL MY LAWYER>YOU STUPID PEOPLE.this is the second notice i have tried to get thru to you.enough is enough.I AM NOT JESSICA BUTCHER.

Shawntell Milwaukee3/15/11
The same thing has happened to me. It's a bit annoying especially when I have paid off this debt with another collection company. It's odd how the loan was 400.00 after interest and penalties it ended up being 600.00; and now that I have paid the 600.00 the so called attorney's office is harrassing me for 1600.00. I have asked my attorney to contact this law office to stop the foolishness.

This law firm has been harassing ME because of a relative's debt. They are rude and offensive. What can I do about this? They also told me they would call night and day! So far, twice in one hour.

Florida girl4/8/11
Doug Mckinnon 12/7/10

Just pay your bills......stop looking for away out and u call people that collect are scum but look in the mirror....

I really hope that wasn't really Doug McKinnon. First off, away should have been spelled a way. Second, you are required to follow certain laws, if you break those laws, then you are scum and deserve to be penalized. The debtor should be able to get some relief from the harassment, including financial relief. If you do not agree with the laws, then change careers. Why don't you get your law license and stop taking advantage of new lawyers fresh out of college and naive? Or did you already lose yours and don't mind exploiting theirs?

Cambridge and Huxley and Associates and the Law Offices of Vincent P Cignarale have the same telephone numbers. They are using these law firm names to collect debts. They are a collection agency and not a law firm. They cannot arrest you, nor can they garnish any wages in Texas. That is not allowed in Texas. Know your rights as a consumer.

jane winterhall4/18/11
i love how people get in debt and then blame EVERYONE else when it's time to pay it back. im sure you live your whole life blaming everyone else for ALL your problems. Then get on the internet and jump on the bandwagon of other deadbeats to make forums as to why it's justified you are a loser. collections is a business ..... it employs alot of americans who need jobs. so to debtors who don't pay their bills .....keep on making excuses as to why you can't pay your debts.....you're keeping alot of people in a job! kudos!

Jean Muehlemann5/5/11
Cignarale called me over 30 times requesting that I call them regarding someone else's debt. I finally got the calls to stop by hiring Centennial Law Offices and specifically Robert Amodare. According to Centennial, Cignarale offered me a settlement for the debt collection harassment but cannot pay at this time because they are having financial difficulty. My research indicates that Vincent P Cignarale is located in Buffalo, NY with 2 employees and annual sales of $140,000. Cignarale appears to collect mostly for payday type loans.

I wonder if Centennial and Cignarale are both scams!

I have reported Cignarale to the Federal Trade Commission, the Florida bar, Florida licensing, and the attorney general's offices of both New York and Florida.

Collector X5/5/11
Cignarale is a lawyer licensed to practice in NYS. Doug Mckinnon owns Viking Recovery, Cignarale's client...The collectors say they are from Cignarale Law Office but work for Viking...The debts they try and collect are old pay day loans which they paid pennies for...Once a collector has talked to you on the phone they can not harrass your friends, co workers or family...Cignarale's law office is on Delaware Ave in Buffalo,,,the collection agency is in Amherst on N French...Most of these debts are passed the statute of limitations to be collected...you still owe it, but they cant collect on it...no process server is going to serve you..Cignarale is not going to sue you in MI, MO, MN, etc for $400...the agency inflates the acct balance by $200 and tells you that they can take $200 off....Be Smart....who is going to sue you 5 states over for under $1000

Collector X5/7/11
Cambridge Huxley is hiring for collection reps on Craigslist....the # and ext goto Chris....is this Chris Hess who manages Viking Recovery for Doug Mckinnon under the umbrella of Cignarale or did C/H take over and try and insulate theis racket further.....STAY TUNED

Annoyed !!!7/20/11
Why don't people grow up. You people run up thousands of debt every day and when it's time to pay it back you want to go look up all the laws. JUST PAY YOUR BILLS. You steal companies money then run and try and find a way not to pay it back. You have the nerve to come down on bill collectors. You should come down on yourself for being thieves and running this country into debt.

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