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Vantage Sourcing Llc Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Vantage Sourcing Llc

(334) 836-4544

Sherry Johnson3/25/11
I am trying to find out what I can do to set up payments on my Verizon Wireless Account #0883115458-00001 and Vantage Sourcing Account #773008. I am going through a hardship right now with my wages being garnished due to numerous medical bills because of an emergency mastectomy. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer me to help settle this bill. Thank you.
Sherry Johnson

Thomas Phelan3/27/11
Re: 0986405335-0001

I Will be returning my phone to the Verizon Wireless office in Bucksport,Me. Where I purchased it and will be given a credit of approximately $ 326.56.
When I purchased my plan I provided Verizon Wireless with a $ 300.00 deposit. The total of $ 626.56 leaves Verizon Wireless owing me $ 71.49. I will expect a check for the above amount when I return the phone to the office in Bucksport.on or about April, 4.

Thank You
Thomas j. Phelan

Gregory Barr3/30/11
I quit Verizon wireless on the first of March switching to another carrier. My bill was paid in full up to that day. I received a bill from Verizon a week later, and another bill on the 12th both showing that I owed $102.22, the second bill- still within the payment schedule, not due to be late for a week or more, but the morning of the 12th I get a letter from Vantage Sourcing showing I have been referred for collections.
I realize that Verizon was unhappy to lose a customer it has had for over five years but who could have foreseen that they would act like a little teenage ex-girlfriend that was dumped for the girl that filled her sweater out more enticingly.
"I want my money!, you owe us for your last month's bill and I want it NOW!!"
Grow the hell up Verizon!, I am now happy as any guy can be that he apparently made a VERY wise move.

I received a collection letter in the mail from Vantage Sourcing. I left the country in April 10. I asked Verizon to tempolrary suspend my account until I returned. I paid the remaining balance and that was the last I heard from verizon. I was back in the states in Nov and had my service reconnected. I received a collection notice in the mail for 400.00. I wasn't aware that I owed verizon any money considering that I'm a current customer who just recently reopened my account. I tried to call Vantage and they didn't have record of the bill. Then I call verizon who didn't have proof of the collection. I'm trying to resolve this issue but I'm getting the run around. I called in house recovery, and got nothing. Can sombody please help me with this......

I received a phone call today, demanding I give all my checking and debit informatin over the phone, when I didnt even get a letter in the mail from this company, I refused, he called me stupid yelled and then yelled some more. Yeah, this makes me want to give my personal checking info to some ass on the phone. Wouldnt let me get a word in, when I raised my voice and told him to quit interupting me he did, but then started yelling at me again, He refused to mail me a letter stating where this company is or who they are.... I called verizon, although I can not make a payment arrangement anymore with them, which they will not take the bill back either, I can pay the full amoount of 323.98 which vantage wanted 395, I can pay them when I have it, deal with vantage a while longer, then tell them to shove it, when I pay verizon and they lose there 1/2 of the bill collecting...

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