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United Legal Process Service Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

United Legal Process Service

1405 E 3rd Pl
Mesa AZ 85203
(480) 833-1835

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
408-404-3021 480-833-1835

Zachary A. Bickel9/3/10
This company has contacted me several times within the last 6 months claiming I owe this company $1800. However, they will not give me the name of the actual company that I owe this money to. They also contacted me at work stating they were going to have someone come to my work and arrest me.

I was contacted just today from a gentleman who stated that I was to report to the county courthouse by 11 a.m. He also stated my social security number has been frozen. I asked what all this was about but the gentleman was very belligerent in telling me that I would be arrested if I did not send $1800 within the next 30 minutes I would be going to jail. There has been no documentation from these gentlemen from any of these phone calls. I went to the sheriff's office to file a report and was told this was a true scam. These people just want to get your social security number for identity theft purposes. Don't give anyone your social security number. Be Careful with these people. THEY ARE DANGEROUS!!!!

M. Madison9/9/10
Many collection agencies nowadays are scam. I don't know but maybe United Legal Process Service is one of them. I 'm not sure. But before you give your debit or credit card and other important information make sure that the company is legal and authorized by the government.

If they keep on calling or bothering you, don't hesitate to take legal actions and report them to authority. Tell them that you will take legals actions and that you are monitoring their calls.

Andrew Fern11/9/10
They are some miserable scammers.Do not deal with them

Would this be the same as United (legal office collections agency)? This company called me on Friday about owning a past debt. Stated they need to know where I am to issue me a court date petition to show up for court. Said if I don't tell them where I am, I will miss my court date and I will have a warrent for arrest for missing court.. I kept asking when's the court date? They hesitated and gave me a date etc..

Further more, no processor EVER calls you in advance. That's like giving you a warning to run! So I thought that was very stupid for some service processor to call me questioning me "where are you" etc.. Usually if I'm being summons for court, the processor would just leave something at my door if I'm not home. Makes no sense

Jon Curtis United Legal Process Service aka Untied Process Service (Arizona1/18/11
United Legal Process Service aka United Process Service (Arizona) is not a collection agency. I am the owner and only employee of a process service company. My brother and me have been in business for 30 years and I have been the principle owner/operator for the past six years. During this time I have had many calls from disgruntled people who have been contacted by a collection agency with a similar name. My guess is these peopld have tried to track this collection agency down and end up calling me upset. In the comments someone suggested that it is a scam, that would be my guess as well. From what I understand this collection agency does not leave a number for them to call them back, this may be the reason they end up calling me, a company with a similar name. Please remove my name and business name, phone number and address, from your list on debtcollectorreview.com, as I am in good standing in my industry. Having my information this site is defaming my good name and could be turning away business. for J.Mcleod - there are circumstances when it is necessary to contact a person you are serving, especially when they are avoiding service and are very transit (moving around a lot maybe on a daily or weekly bases). And a Process Server (at least in my state, Arizona) would only leave a legal document at the door if 1) drop served an individual you could Identify by description at the service location or 2) by court order to post it at the door - I (meaning myself or my company) has never contacted the above individual and request my information to be removed. Anyone can contact me at the 480 phone number if they have any question

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