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Takhar Group Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Takhar Group

1623, Military Road, Suite 537
Niagara Falls NY 14304

Common Complaints about Takhar Group: They call people at workplace: Consumers have complained Takhar Group collection agency make annoying calls looking for people at work. They call about nonexistent debts: Consumers have complained that Takhar Collections claimed debts where owned that were nonexistent. They refuse to provide proof of the debt: Consumers have complained that they have a hard time getting info about their debt in writing from Takhar. They collect bills already paid off: People have complained that this company has tried to collect debts that have been already paid off.

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
888-246-3871 888-246-3871 866-441-5558 866-441-5558 877-227-3390 877-227-3390 866-408-8299 866-408-8299 877-204-8527 877-204-8527 800-620-0371 800-620-0371 877-631-1272 877-631-1272 646-367-3289 646-367-3289 866-849-3243

Danny S. Vento9/3/10
The Takhar Group has been harrassing me for almost one year. They say I owe them money for a Columbia House account. I do not owe this bill. I asked them to send me a signature on a contract or a bill, to prove that I owed the bill. He just keeps saying I owe the money and I need to send it immediately or they will take action very soon. I have hung up on him and told him I was going to call my attorney. Does nothing scare these people? He called and told my husband that He had to give the phone to me because he demaned it. Very pushy and rude.

I get an 800 service number on my phone. 800-620-0371 and he said his name was Mike. They also have an internet site. TheTakharGroup.com

MC Parker9/14/10
If there was one description I would give this debt collecting agency, it would be demanding. he worst part is that I never even owe any loan of such kind - assistive aid devices from a medical store? I am not even physically impaired since I run in marathons. This was really way over my head and they kept demanding that I pay my bill.The agency works like a legit since they have a website but somebody has to take action against them for fraudulent claims.Better Business Bureau must have a say in this to stop them from harassing people.

s. smith9/14/10
on aug. 13th2010 recieved a call on my cell which i do not have that u can leave a message. 7:30 p.m. central time .I looked up my last call which was 1800-620-0371 it was answered by mike. I asked him to repeat the name of the co. and he said why are u calling us i repeated to him that the no. was on my cell phone, and all i wanted to find out was who was calling me. Then he really started acting like a jack_ _ _. again repeated my request to know what co. he was representing again would not say. if this is the way your employee's talk to people then you must be really hurting for good employee's I also had installed that if anyone called that # I was to notify the cell phone co. since I got this call it is being turned over to cell phone co. who will track it down and to local telephone co. who can and will investigate your co. still have no idea what the call was about thanks to donkey behind mike.

I am sick sick sick of your demanding phone calls, I don't know what the hell kind of company this is, I know it won't do any good to threaten to file a harassmnent charge on you just by reading all the charges against you. I am recording every pushy ass message left on my phone, maybe if all the people your co harrasses, get together and file charges
, then maybe this bullshit will stop.

Yes, I believe it's time to shut down these folks. I also have never purchased from a company called Columbia Records and have no idea why this company continues. I spoke with three representatives to date. Last being a Dwight Stevenson at 800/620-0371 requesting this problem be corrected and he assured me that would happen. Unfortunately two days later another demanding phone call. Sure is a shame this type of a company could be allowed to exist. I'm open for suggestions but have forwarded this information to Consumer Reporting Agency.

Viking 210/6/10
I have tried to explain to this stupid company that I don't owe this company any money. I was receiving packages in the mail that I didn't order but instead of opening the package, I would write return to sender. They need to stop harassing me because I don't have any merchandise from this company.

I always get calls from this company. Never have talked to them, one time I left some not so nice words on their voice mail to quit calling. I'm going to continue to ignore them when they call. It is hard because the recording is very demanding.

I got two calls from the Takhar group looking for a Fran F..... I called this back to tell them they have the wrong person. I sometimes get calls for this person. And both times they said they would remove the number. This is getting old. 1-800-620-0371

Just got off the phone with these idots. They claim I owe for the Book of the Month club. I tried to explain that I never opened an account with BOTMC but it fell on deaf ears. I even went to the lengths of calling Book of The Month Club telling them that I never opened an account with them and they said that they were sorry and was going to close my account. I called the Takar Group back letting them know who I spoke to at BOTMC and giving them the number for clarification and they still demanded that I give them a confirmation number of some sort and threatened to report me to the credit bureaus. I told them I'm not giving them anything!!! They should call and verify that the account is closed themselves. She then proceeded to hang up on me. I better not see any negative infractions on my credit report or I am going to take legal action against them. This bullying has to stop.

Just got off the phone with these idots. They claim I owe for the Book of the Month club. I tried to explain that I never opened an account with BOTMC but it fell on deaf ears. I even went to the lengths of calling Book of The Month Club telling them that I never opened an account with them and they said that they were sorry and was going to close my account. I called the Takar Group back letting them know who I spoke to at BOTMC and giving them the number for clarification and they still demanded that I give them a confirmation number of some sort and threatened to report me to the credit bureaus. I told them I'm not giving them anything!!! They should call and verify that the account is closed themselves. She then proceeded to hang up on me. I better not see any negative infractions on my credit report or I am going to take legal action against them. This bullying has to stop.

Our solution is to let these idiots leave their absurdingly demanding messages on our answering machine. Then, at the end of the day, we listen to our messages and simply delete the Takar message. We never return their calls, and have never spoken to them even once. Idiots are idiots and deserve to be ignored.

My biggest problem with this group is they never tell you what it is they're calling you about, but they then demand you call them back. They are consistently without the "common-decency" that they demand from you. Their message doesn't do anything but make people pissed at them.

I've been having the same exact problem for almost 2 years. The calls don't stop and I don't know how to get rid of them. They call at odd times and leave rude messages. I'm getting close to just changing my phone number because its completely unnesesary and I know they are making things up. I've seena couple posts on the topic that say they make a game out of talking to them and saying all kinds of strange things. This may become a new past time of mine.

I keep getting calls fro the Takhar Group telling me I don't have the common decency to call them back.. I have tried, the phone number they gave does not work from my area.

Toby McBeavor11/9/10
I keep receiving phone calls from two representatives from this company.One's name is Steven Ramble and the other one I can't remember.They keep telling me I own money for an account from a company named Columbia House.I'm glad I'm not the only one being harassed but someone really has to do something about this.

Adela Monroy11/10/10
I keep getting calls from these idiots. I don't know who they are or what I supposedly owe. I just ignore their calls. Stupid people deserve to be ignored. Their voicemails are so demanding. As soon as I hear it, I delete. Don't care to listen to their stupid demands..

Laura S11/10/10
Who the heck are these rude arse people collecting for? I don't our any sort or book/record of the month club, If I wanted to get a book or cd I would just go buy it. They are constantly calling me and waking me up and leaving extremely rude messages on my phone.

My sister, who doesn't speak English, are being called 2x daily from those people. My sister and her husband doesn't have any credit card, debit card, any store cards so how would they owe anything to anybody.

I went onto their website and type in my sister's fone # and zip code but nothing is found. I told my sister to just ignore them. I'll probably have to call them to stop harrassing my sister

Darline P.11/12/10
I am tired of this Takhar Group calling my number for debt that I am not aware of. The person who calls always fails to mention the right company that I owe and how much. Someone really needs to do something about that, and have this company stop harrassing me and other residents...

susan p11/13/10
Dont call them back, do not even answer them when they call...or press ignore on your cell...they leave a message so what...don't let it bother you...its not bothering them until they can't get threw...I worked in a call center...they have a q and when it has gone round and round, you get kicked out later, and another agency takes over...if you owe and can't pay cause of lay-off or financial burden...do not answer your phone...if you pick up once that starts the q all over again...they cease with time...and if you plan not to pay it back cause you can't and have tried to call the original creditor to make a deal and they don't...well, you have the upper on that...There are a lot of scammers out there that say they will settle, and take your acct number and steal your money...never give your acct. number to a collection agency...money order if you feel you want to pay...(i wouldn't) the origial creditor is always willing to get there money... in the end, the statue of limitations will clear your credit...please run your report, write to the the 3 agency and let them know...or if your trying to buy a house, write to the lender and explain...proof of income goes along way than a credit report sometimes...Time are hard don't make it harder on yourself...forget these clowns and return to life...its too short...these people are only working for 12-15 bucks and hours...some with no commission at all...like I said they are machanical people making money...

These people are real scam artists. I heard these calls are not even coming from the United States. I wonder if they have ties to terrorist groups because I heard the calls are coming from Afganistan.

This group is something else. I just received a call telling me to return the call immediately. When I did, I was told I owed 80.00 to a book club from 2008 and that I needed to pay it immediately to keep my credit from suffering. I told them I did not belong to a book club and never did. They continued to argue. When I went on their web site I saw this person who owed the money was from MO. I told them I lived in FL, they said when did you move! LOL! I told them I had never even been to MO. This company needs to be shut down. I am sure they are getting lots of elderly people in this swindel. Its a shame that they can't make their money in an honest way and they have to prey on poor people. Oh, and did I mention that both people I spoke with had such a heavy foreign accent that It was difficult to understand what they said. I'm calling the BBB!

They have been calling our house for weeks. We finally called and they asked for someone who has never lived here. We have lived here for 25 years and had this phone number for 40.......they said they will stop calling but it sounds like they won't.
If they call even ome more time, we WILL report them to the National Do Not Call Registry, our local phone fraud service, State Attorney General office and FTC. We have a phone number and company name and kept a record of dates they called.
We have also notified our Identity Theft Protection company of this company and the strange calls.
Good luck to all of you against these scam artists.

Linda S.12/8/10
These people keep calling and either just leave a recorded message or ask for "Jason". I don't know anyone by that name and keep telling them and then just
hanging up on the idiots. If they want to run up their phone bill for nothing, so be it. I don't owe anything to any collection agency, or have credit cards!


These people are insane.....they call every day, I never answer. But I never got a message until today (so I just found out who it was calling..they left number & website). "It is REQUIRED you call us back immediately" but didn't say why they were calling, didn't even mention my name or anything to think that they know me, I know I don't owe anyone one any outstanding debts, and it's obvious there is something not right about them. I've never heard such an angry message - not to mention it's the 1st one they ever left. (it's not like they were leaving dozens of messages & I wasn't calling back...) Get a f'in life people & leave us alone!

Got a call tonight from 1 800 620 0371 at 6:57 pm. Found their USPS mailing address and printed out a short letter. They're getting a Drop Dead letter ASAP.
They don't identify themselves or who they think they're calling for or even why they are leaving an automated message. If they are a debt collector, we owe nothing to anyone.

Same here. They do not say who they are calling for, nor what it is about. And yes, I got the "common decency" demand to return the call. They do not know what common decency is. I just emailed them & told them to stop leaving rude messages & to take my number off their list.

what is going on12/17/10
I just received a call from them at 830pm. I don't know what kind of company would call your house at such an hour. Telling me to call them back immediately not using any names. I don't know why they called and very disturbed by this phone call.


They are calling for some book of the month club that I never even signed up for. Im changing my number, so unprofessional, and rude. It takes a jackass to not have manners.

If any of you complaining come back to read this: youmail dot com offers a free service wherin you can program these callers and they will be greeted by an offering of your choice. I use 'fax tones'. In addition, you can program their number to be 'ditched' so they cannot even leave you a message. You can register/program ALL your callers from harassing ones to friends and set up their own specific voicemail. It's cool. I have used it for 3 years with NO problems. I get an email everytime I miss a call or get a vm, and I can listen to the vm on my computer too, instead of using up my phone minutes.
Had some real hard times and get TONS of calls because I can't pay, mostly medical. But youmail dot com has saved my sanity.
Just sharing. :)

i keep getting messages from them on my machine.. i am assuming it is for someone who used to have my phone number that i just got a year ago. the guy's voice on the message sounds like he has something shoved way up his ass. i called the 800 number and its that same guy's voice ... i guess they picked him thinking he sounded authorative, but he just sounds really anal.

Absolute idiots is an understatement to describe this group. We too are getting the same confusing and foolish phone calls and recordings. At first I was worried that we had done something wrong or were being penalized for something especially when the "common decency to call back" remark was left, however after reading the comments posted I'm not one bit worried.

aaron jensen//
i am very pissed that you don't have the courage to answer the damn phone when i call back. if you can't be up front truthful and honest with me. then you don't really need me to call back immediately. so leave me the hell alone. and quit harassing me. i think you are all a real bunch of real shitheads and assholes. not to mention a bunch pricks. so go fuck yourself and leave me the fuck alone. i will take your sorry asses to court and sue your company for everything that you have and then some. so keep it up you assholes and i will see you in court. SO LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE YOU DAMN FUCKING PRICKS.


Listen up every one.

For those of you with gmail accounts there is a feature called googlevoice. It allows you to dial free to ANY number in the US and Canada.

So your thinking, so what? Call back Takhar, 800 620 0371 and do so REPEATEDLY. Oh and guess what the caller ID on their end will show up as 760 705 8888 - ITS COMPLETELY UNTRACEABLE!!!

Try it and lets all give them a taste of their own medicine

That group keep calling my home not saying what its about....now they are calling my cell leaving rude messages ...I am really pissed
I was beginning to get worried until I read these comments.....Thanks for all the responses

I am so glad I found these comments. I received one call and something told me not to call or go into the website. I will not worry about it anymore....Finding this review was a God sent. Thanks for posting your responses and letting others know that this company is not really legit but are a GREAT BIG BULLY!!!!

Thank you for all of the comments, I have been receiving calls from this company for about a month. I was concerned but haven't called them back. After seeing these I am not worried at all. Thanks so much!

jerry alexander 1/20/11
i wish for you to stop calling my number thank you

come to my home, i have something for you.

My husband and I are also grateful that we checked this website. We are also being plagued by Takhar calls and messages. We have never answered the call or gone to the website. We did check our credit reports to see if there was some debt we could possibly have missed but there is nothing posted. So we too will be ignoring them and most likely getting rid of our land line since that is the only phone number they seem to have. It is outrageous that they can harass the general public in this way.

Tom Day1/26/11
Folks, Call your attorney and have a lawsuit filed in federal court to sue
for million in your complaint. Your attorney will contact police first to
track this so called company down and if local agencies cannot find an
address the FBI will. You cannot get relief if you do not call the proper
authorities and take legal action as it does no good to just talk about this
subject on the net. Hope this info will help for those seeking relief.
One thing is sure, this is a criminal act and it can and will hurt your credit
if you do not take action.

Chris L.//
WARNING : This will get ugly: TAKHAR huh, at 1-800-620-0371 fuck'em.

These "Mahn-e-acks" are loaded with sugar in their tank. If you know what I mean. These crude, foreign losers are simply jizz bait. And are from the little known country of Afghanistan. BTW, my phonetically spelled out pronunciation means "faggot" in Arabic. So trust me on what I am about to reveal. If you ever slip up and answer these jizz buckets (Please just simply reply with one simple little word i.e. "Mahn e ack"). Almost immediately you will feel siesmic heat through the phone. This is because you will have insulted "jizzy" beyond anything that you could have possibly called them in their culture. This will send burning flares up their sandy,sugar laden asses. Also please note and REMEMBER to write this word down. After stating this magical word to "little jizzy" on the other end of the phone; You will have a brief quiet moment to celebrate and grin ear to ear. And you WILL have time to hang up the phone before another obscenity flies out of their caustic,crude, and heavy-accented, and vulgar mouth. **Note that their shrill and cranky little jizz filters with which they utter drivel at you is truly a part of their DNA. These Mother Fuckers live to scream and argue so it is like a camel that sees the sandy desert nearby- hell they are at home yelling at anybody. And according to these dumpster breathe, vermin, ass wipes, they get worked up and easily at that. They are spitting on each after each phone call because they are one)furious and two) they sufficiently pissed you off so they celebrate in their own way. These are simply some observations for you to use or ignore. Peace ;;)

not upset1/27/11
These people can call me all they want. After hearing thier tone of voice once, i was never going to call them back, or allow them to upset me. i have more important things to do

This company is also calling me constantly with the exact same demands.. I laugh it off because I am a active member of Columbia house and ahave met my contract obligation of purchases. My account is not in default so how in the world can it be in collections? Takhar group has been reported to BBB by me! I suggest everyone make that call and file a report with bathem also.

This company is also calling me constantly with the exact same demands.. I laugh it off because I am a active member of Columbia house and ahave met my contract obligation of purchases. My account is not in default so how in the world can it be in collections? Takhar group has been reported to BBB by me! I suggest everyone make that call and file a report with bathem also.

who do you want//
We have gotten many calls from them demanding a call back. Not once have they said who should call back. So I have no idea who their looking for. We have gotten calls from other collection agencies asking for people we've never heard of, so i'm going on the assumtion this is one of those.

Leave me alone2/4/11
I recently received a call from this company to collect a debt. Actually, they call me about 5 times a day! Yes, I do owe the money and am trying my best to pay my debts. I don't make a lot of money and do what I can to survive. When I tried to explain the situation to the woman on the phone, she then proceeded to tell me that I need to be a more responsible adult and take better care of my money! Your job is collect a debt - not lecture me on how to live my life. She was rude and demanding and didn't get the response out of me that she expected because I then told her what I thought about her comment. Not a good way to do business when you call and insult the people you are calling. Now, due to her lack of customer skills, they can stick that debt where the sun don't shine!

Turn the Tables5/13/11
Call their number. Insist, rudely, that you are the Takhar group, and that they owe you money due to a delinquent Columbia Records account. Ask them for their bank account, credit card, social security, and name. Inform them that you will be running a credit check if they don't pay you immediately.

Then let them get a word in. When they say that they're at the Takhar group, ask them which office they're at. Then shout at them for lying and tell them the Takhar group doesn't have an office in wherever-they-said-they-are.

On the flip side, you could wait until they call, and (seeing their number) answer and claim that YOU are the Takhar group. Role-play a little with them.
Or just make up a persona. Tell them you're Xiao Chen and you're in China and you're Chinese and you don't have a social security number. Insist that they can get arrested just for calling you. :)

Helen Chavis5/18/11
Start Calling them blow there phone up dont stop calling them let them see how it feels get all ur friends to call every 5 minutes BLOW THERE PHONE UP any time you get a free min put there numbers on speed dial
BLOW UP THERE PHONE (call call call)

I saw the first call in February 2011 but since it was an 800 number, I didn't answer. They left a non-specific "call us back immediately " message. No company name and no specific person was requested. Seemed like a phishing call. I searched the internet for the number reported by CallerID and found lots of hits. Ah, a phone spammer. Fine.

I use google-voice, so I blocked their number. It doesn't ring here at all. I visited the web interface and saw they've been calling about every week ever since 2/2011. They can keep calling, since their calls all end up in a "spam" folder and don't ring home, cell or business lines. Whatever.

Folks, don't threaten to do something. DO SOMETHING. If you are in the USA, report them to the FCC for harassing calls. Those are illegal. If you are on the federal Do Not Call List and don't have any connection with these people, file a complaint there. It just takes 5 minutes.

Getting mad at them, talking with these people **doesn't help anyone.** Even if you own debt to someone, it probably is not these people. If they cannot prove, in writing, that you own them money - sent in the USPS - they they are scammers. PERIOD.

Real collection agencies will have written proof and will provide it. There is no reason to talk on the phone to any collection agency. None.

They are calling me too. I dont own anyone anything. Has anyone figured out who to complain too?

I recieved several cell phone messages from them. After reading these comments, they sound very dishonest.has anyone found a solution to their harassment?I refuse to pay a two year old bill already paid.How do they get your cell# honestly?

I just started get phone calls from this company. Don't know why and I not goin to call them back.

The Takhar Group has been harrassing not me, but my father, about a credit card bill that has been long since paid. A few months ago, I had missed a couple of payments on my credit card (as a student, I didn't have a high credit limit anyway, and money can be hard to come by) but had paid the full balance off by January. A few weeks after that, my father starting recieving rude, demanding calls from them about some unknown payment. The funny thing is, all of my accounts and credit cards are linked to MY phone number, not my father's. WHY they are calling him and not me is ridiculous. The worst part? They won't even tell him what the amount owed is for or for how much, they just say that I owe them some unknown amount. This company is so phony and I'm NOT going to give them any of my time.

RED ASS2/15/11

In NYC2/17/11
I can report the same thing. RUDE and threatening phone calls.
I also do NOT owe anything. reading past reports above. If this a Columbia Records - I NEVER received anything. Ho many tiems does one have to say this.
What legally can be done to stop them!

I have been receiving calls from them for months.It is a recorded message that always seems like it has already started before the recording starts funny thing is they don't say why they are calling, which by law they have to state it is for collection purposes, they don't state for who they are calling, and after seeing all these posts it just reaffirms my belief that this is some type of scam.

They called here. I checked my number against their website and it has nothing associated with it. Being I'm independently wealthy I am well aware I don't owe money. I even buy my cars in cash. Credit really isnt an issue here. So at that, go to hell :)

The "company" just began harrassing me for a bill that I do not owe, from a company that I have NEVER had a relationship. THEY MUST STOP. They are rude,unprofessional, and aggressive. Good luck on that collection...

This compay calles and stated that I owed a bill from Columbia House from 2006. I told them I did not order and was not going to pay. they said someone from this address ordered these movies and I need to pay or it will go on my collection report. I told them I would be reporting their company to the proper authorities and hung up.

Disgusted with Takhar2/19/11
I received 9 calls from Takhar to our business line today, demanding that we immediately contact them. It didn't ask for anyone in particular, with 30+ employees- it's rather difficult to know whom they are seeking, isn't it!

In any case, I highly recommend purchasing a Panasonic Phone System for your home or office as it offers "Call Block" technology that allows you to block any calls you want.

I sympathize with those using cell phones, but the alternative is to save the number in your phone as "Spam Call" or "Harrasment" and then set the ring tone for that particular caller to Silent Mode. While they may continue to call, your phone will not ring (out loud) and chances are, they'll cease and desist after a couple of weeks.

I received a call from Takhar Group today. I'm 19 years old and have no outstanding debt. I did not call back because I don't return calls to recordings but I did some research. If you're being harassed by these calls, record them. There are two legal ways to do this. 1. Have the recording device emit audible beeps every 3 to 4 seconds. 2. Tell them you are recording the call. Do this for several calls then take the recordings to a lawyer.

Been there2/21/11
I know how all of you feel. I have a home phone because it is bundled in with my internet/tv services and it's cheaper that way. I don't use my home phone for anything that I do, that's why I have a cell. I just checked my messages and had over a dozen from these people. I have never heard of them so I don't intend on calling them back.

The best solution for places like these:

1. If you called them, contact the company they claim they are representing and notify them that someone is claiming to be a debt collector for them. Chances are they will have no record of you.
2. Whether you call them or not, contact your state Attorney General's office, they usually have a fraud claim's office of some sort. Report the calls to them providing as much information as possible. They will handle it. I have had to do this many times.
3. If for any reason you do call these people back, try to use a number that they can't contact you with, ie payphone or a free online call program. Get as much information from them as possible without revealing much, if anything, about yourself.
4. The most obvious, NEVER give them any credit card or bank account information to them. And DO NOT give them your SS#.

That is all the advice I can offer. Like I said, I have dealt with people like this before. I hope things get better for everyone.


They call on my phone and ask for someone else???
I've told them I was not the person they were calling.....

Crazy a holes keep calling, demanding I call them immediately. I returned the call twice. Each time I left message asking them to quit calling. Finally spoke to some one and they said they never got my 2 messages.
Stupid part is I owe no one any money. I demanded they take my ph # off thier list. Caller was rude.

They've called and think they have a valid claim. Actually said the were a credit reporting agency. HA - they are a credit collection agency.
They will work hard for their money, that they won't get from me as it is a 2007 debt - WAY outside statute of limitations.

I too have been being harrassed by this company. They said I owed money for a book club that I joined 3 years ago. Of course, I have never joined a book club in my life. I asked them to send me a copy of the original invoice and it just went south from there. There was a lot of screaming and yelling and them telling me that I had to give them my credit card info and if I didn't this was going to be on my credit report. I have filed a complaint with the phone company and the Better Business Burea, but I think I will take the advice from Been There and call The State Attorney General's Office. Good luck to everyone, I feel your pain. They are blowing my phone out on a daily basis.

Phone Number 438-21013/4/11
You keep harrasing me at this number, and it is my fax number,and by the way I have my number on THE DO NOT CALL LIST!,you keep harassing me for someone's name who does not live here or I have never heard off, stop the harrassing me or I will be forced to report your services to the appropriate office!

I repeatedly get calls for someone I do not even know. It is constant and the messegees are rude. I called to try to explain that I don't even know this person and they yell at me and hang up. These people are rediculous!

I have repeatedly received calls for a LILLIAN WASHINGTON. I inherited her phone number five years ago and now the Takhar group has taken the number over. I can get six or seven calls a week (FOR FIVE YEARS) for this woman and when I called the group (wish I hadn't) I had rude representatives. By the third my voice was rising and before I even told her my problem she stated she wouldn't talk to me for I was loud. THEY don't know loud. I wish I had gotten loud. RUDE PEOPLE.

Nina Green3/12/11
I received a very rude voicemail on my business line from this company. I have no outstanding debts and have no idea why they would call me, or anyone in this manner.

Extremely unprofessional company. I would like to get a list of their clients so I could boycott them as well.

Glad to see I'm not the only one that is receiving calls from this company. I have no idea why they are calling. I have never heard such rude voice mail. And I'm not call them back.

These assholes call me and my husband. When I called to see who is constantly ringing my phone, this bitch says she's calling for my husband and due to privacy can not speak to me. So I told her to stop calling my number then if I was not to be told anything. I do all the business for my husband and if these bastards can't talk to me then we have a problem. She said that they would keep on calling him until he responds and I said let it burn bitch. These people are cowards and hide behind their phones. They were bullied as kids and have grown up to be little pussies. I would love to kick their asses for them. They don't intimidate me at all, and so glad I read this site before I really get pissed. We don't order shit from columbia house and we pay our bills...so fuck off...pussies...

Annoyed by the Thakar Group 6/30/11
V06292048070954 many debt collectors lie or have "investigators" lie and threaten especially Jacob Law Collections who the lawyer in licensed in Oxford Mississippi only to practice elder law not collections and he got in trouble in Connecticut.

Laughing Out Loud6/25/11
Thanks to everyone who wrote in you r a Godsend.I just got an extremely rude and threating phone call from these asshol s.I recognize this type of thing, it happens all the time in Las Vegas. These people are not even in the United States, not even citizens of our great state, It is FRAUD. IT IS AN IDENTITY THEFT ROUTINE ,they want your bank account numbers and credit card numbers from you , then they will take off with every cent you have, plus ,run you so far in debt it will take you years to get out.
Even If you do owe money ALWAYS, ALWAYS, deal with your company owed . If they say they sent it to a collection agency, still send the money to company owed Keep solid records let that company deal with collection agent. I have money to spare, dont owe anyone anything ! SOOOO I am "laughing out loud".Yeah N I dont Know who those comps.are that I am supposed to owe. Dont get nervous or scared people, you have rights! remember them.! better business burea in ur state. protect urself
These afghanstanies get ur infomation thru money you spend buying items in stores ,restaurants ,gas stations etc.When you think you r not being watched, you are!They need this money for their terrorist groups and their country.Foriegn accent huh always a dead give away. Did you know it is against the law to threaten, harass or terrorize people over wires. air wires .Cuss at people, use vulgar language and the like.
Good Luck to Everyone who gets terrorized by Takar group.com Not A REAL COLLECTION AGENCY

I got a phone call that I owe money, when in fact i do not. They are not professional, wanted my credit card number and would not accept a cashier's check.
When I got off of the phone with them I called the police department. What is frightening is they had my info. I am going to push this forward tomorrow. I am calling the bbb, and I am going to try my hardest to shut them down. They even called on a holiday Everyone needs to file a report like I did. They can eventually make it illegal for them to do this

I got a phone call that I owe money, when in fact i do not. They are not professional, wanted my credit card number and would not accept a cashier's check.
When I got off of the phone with them I called the police department. What is frightening is they had my info. I am going to push this forward tomorrow. I am calling the bbb, and I am going to try my hardest to shut them down. They even called on a holiday Everyone needs to file a report like I did. They can eventually make it illegal for them to do this

they sucks me

Maritza Stancil6/9/11
I received a call today on my work phone from someone who work for your company(Takhargroup). She said they have been calling me for over a month and the least I could do was return their call.I do not owe anyone any money.And further more you need to train your staff to be more professional and know how to pronounce the name of the person they are calling.Stupid Ass staffer! I am also going to record every pushy message left on my phone from your unprofessional staff.

I just got a call from these people, a recorded message telling me I need to call them back immidiately. I tried calling the number they gave and its not in service..figures..smart scammers arent they? Well I went to their web site and put in my number and zip and guess what nothing came up. I'm not surprised since I dont owe anyone anything. Im disabled and got rid of all credit cards years ago since Im living on a very poorly fixed income. It seems that in the last year I have had a few different strange companies calling my house in which I am figuring its due to the economy and the scammers are out in full force. I left them a message on their web site telling them if I owe anything send it in writing, that I will NOT deal with recordings and if a live person wishes to talk to me them they had better have full prove I owe money to anyone. Also they didnt even say who it was they wanted to talk to in the first place..dumb.

I wish we could find out who is using this company so we could boycott them. This Takhar Group is a joke, I don't owe them anything yet they leave recorded messages on a regular basis. One day I picked up the phone and still got a recording, then I tried to call them back and got no answer. Called the BBB said they couldn't help me. God help me if I get a hold of one of these losers!

I have never heard of Takhar Group before. I just started getting calls from them since December of 2010 and I don't owe anything to anybody. My debts been cleared since March of 2010. I picked up there calls twice before and was put on hold until the next representative was available. So I said no to that. If Takhar Group is going to keep calling and assuming that a debt collection is owed, then they need to leave a message as to what company is owed that they're collecting for, so that we can follow up with that company to verify and have proof and then get back to them on it. There is no need to keep calling at odd times like 8PM and leaving such demanding voicemails. With such demanding voicemails, who would want to talk to them. Takhar group is unprofessional.

When they call, tell them to hang on for a minute as your food is burning on the stove or something like that. You then put down the phone and walk away from it leaving them hanging on the line. This tactc wastes their time in a big way.

this co. keep call me. a good way to stop them, is like i did. i call them all the bad names that can to my mine!

These people have been calling since Dec 2010. I never answer. They leave a message demanding I contact them although they never ask for anyone by name. I just pulled my credit report and it shows Takhar group requested my credit report in Dec 2010. They do not show as anyone I owe money to. Also their address according to their request to Experian is 202 Beverly Street, Cambridge Ontario CN 00000. Today I recieved a call from 212-222-1111 caller id said Doorway to Destiny. They left a message, it was the Takhar Group demanding I call them at an 8oo number. Next time they call I will answer and tell them to stop. After that when they call I will blow a police whistle in their ear and hang up.

This has to be a scam.........4/8/11
called me just to say i owe a bill from years ago, like most of the posts here.... i'v e never ordered anything from the company they say they represent. watch out don't fall for this scam.

I just received a call from The Takhar Group. I called back the number and they gave and they said I have an outstanding bill with BMG Music Co for $93.08 back in 2008? Huh?? I told them that I didn't understand this collection since I had not received any deliveries from this company. He gave me an acct number and a website that made no sense and was unrelated to BMG Music Co. I googled the Tahkhar Group and found this website. I can see that it clearly a scam and I'm alarmed that these people have my cell phone nr and address. If they keep it up, I will report them to the Debt Collection Abuse site.

Thank you


No Way!4/9/11
I JUST got a call from these people. The man who I could barely understand, said I owed for a Columbia House DVD account, which I know FOR SURE that I've never opened. He said that it must have been someone in my family, using my name. Then he told me to go to my computer, type in www.takhargroup.com and put a number in the reply box. It did come up with my name, and there was a little "confirm" button next to it. I read above where it said,
"By pressing Confirm on one of the accounts below, you verify you are the correct party listed on the account, and you have a right to the confidential information supplied by Takhar Collection Services Ltd. If you are not the right party, please proceed no further and contact our office immediately at 1-866-408-8299 and speak with a live agent. When calling, please refer to the file number or the telephone number we have contacted you at."
NO WAY! If I had confirmed, it would have confirmed that I accept the debt. So I said I wouldn't do it and said goodbye. He called right back, freaking out on me, telling me to "JUST CLICK THE BUTTON!!!"...haha...omg...I said no, nicely again, and hung up. He called me back TWICE afterward. The last time I said I was calling the cops. JERKS!

I was also called by this company stating I owe money to this columbia house and I have NO account with columbia house. I would really like to know the address of this company to file a lawsuite againt them.

This company is in violation of The telecommunications act of 1996 sect. 502. Read it.

Ditto to all of the above

We also received their scam call and refused to take part. If you do a little homework, you'll find the street address Takhar Group is listed for is "1623 Military Road, Suite 537, Niagara Falls, NY 14304" This is the local UPS Store address there - so likely its a fake or mail drop address.

I followed their Google info and found they are located in Ontario Canada (their company fax # is a 519 area code
Their CEO/Owner is a Hardy Takhar - and his office contact # (519) 622-3130 x 241

If anyone wants to do their own homework, feel free to Google "Canada White Pages" and look for a Hardy Takhar in ON Canada. If you find the one and only a-hole responsible for this, give him our regards.

i also keep getting calls for some thing i ordered from them they are crazy i have never ordered any thing from them i wish that some one will close them down

thank-you john s

John S.4/15/11
Curly, thank you! I did my own research and the address they claim is their "USA" office is indeed a UPS Mailbox Etc (Suite 537 is just a mailbox) They are physically located at Takhar Group, 202 Beverly, Cambridge, ON, N1R3Z8 CANADA - just across the border. Their office phone is (519) 622-4141 and the owner of it is Hardy Takhar. If this info helps anyone, glad to be of assistance. REPORT TO THE AUTHORITIES

Jeanie Matthews//
I have been receiving phone calls from a lady who speaks very poor english. She has been asking for my nephew who doesn't live with me and never has, however, at some point in time he must have given out my phone number as his. She has ask me to have my nephew call her immediatly at 1-800-620-0371. I told her that I have no way of contacking my nephew, that he is homeless and doesn't live here and this is not his phone number. She say's she will take my phone number off her calling list. However, after reading all your comments I doubt that she will. If she continues to call me I will report her to BBB. Also FYI... those of you who don't know it, a debt collection agency cannot take legal action in a court of law against you for a debt owed if the debt is beyond the statue of limitation for your state.

JD in AL4/19/11
Started getting calls last fall from Takhar a few months after I financed some furniture. Turns out the finance company is Wells Fargo Financial National Bank. It has been years since I financed anything and I thought it very coincidental that I started getting these calls so soon after. I don't have any outstanding debts. I haven't returned the calls but am keeping track of them. HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE WITH WELLS FARGO FINANCIAL?

JD in AL4/19/11
Add this number for a VM call received at 3:09 PM on 4-16-2011 1-877-413-9612
On my U-verse Call History, it showed number "unavailable" and no name for the caller. But it was the time and date of the voice mail.

Tracey in NY//
I do owe a bill and am willing to pay my bill, I requested the mailing address and account number to make payments and that i would mail them -- he refused and demanded my information to make the payment over the phone, told him "NO" I will only make payment by mail. he refused and i told him not to call me again and hung up. he immediately called me back, i answered with "i want a mailing address and acct number" he said here it is and then started to tell me to make it over the phone, i told him NO, mail or nothing and hung up. he called back 3 or 4 more times, one right after another and i put him through to voice mail. no message left. they started calling this morning again and did leave a demanding voice mail. I know the company I owe the money too and have reached out to them. They are horrible!! I am going to file a complaint with the fcc and ftc and anywhere else i can file a complaint.

I have received several calls from this group. I don't know who or what they want.
There is usually a recorded message saying to contact them regarding an important
matter, by phone or on there website. The message I received today sounded like an
actual person. They said they hope whomever they're talking about to have the
decency to call them back. I thought that was very rude. Why can't they just say
what they're calling about.

I have been getting the same recording call from this Takhar Group for about a year. They expect me to call them about "WHAT"!!!! If I owe someone money...they darn well better tell me and don't expect to return a call to them "TODAY". I feel it is a scam or something like it!! If anyone is getting calls from them don't return a call to them.....it is fishy!!!

I have been getting the same recording call from this Takhar Group for about a year. They expect me to call them about "WHAT"!!!! If I owe someone money...they darn well better tell me and don't expect to return a call to them "TODAY". I feel it is a scam or something like it!! If anyone is getting calls from them don't return a call to them.....it is fishy!!!

I,too, get calls from these morons..I NEVER answer the phone unless the caller ID says it's ok, and I NEVER answer ANY messages unless they state their business. I got the "common decency" call and it tickled me to hear the irritation in her voice. Now I look forward to the call for my daily chuckle.

Use Their Website4/23/11
I had been receiving calls from these people for about 6 months for a person I have never heard of. When I would tell them that Diane is not me, does not live with me, is not my neighbor, co-worker, nor associated with me or known by me in any other way, they would get irrate with me. I was challenged with, "So whats your name? Are you sure? How do I know your telling the truth?", etc. I tried reporting them, threatening them, pleading, not answering, hanging up, you name it.

THEN I got smart, I went on their website. If you use their contact us form, it emails you a a copy of what you sent (so you have proof!). Send them a notice that way telling them plain and clear (don't get nasty though) that you are not ______, or do not owe _____, or that they are not authorized to call you again. Whichever is appropriate for your case.

EVEN IF YOU DO OWE THEM, you have the right to not be called. If you submit a request that a collector not call you, and only coorespond with you through mail, they have to obey this request. It's the law, look it up.

Just remember you are putting it in writing, no matter how angry you are at being harrassed, act like a grown up. I know I was sick and tired of being harrassed by this people and being accused of being a liar when I have no idea who this Diane is.

Since I wrote them on their website, they have no called me since. That was about 2 months ago, good luck!

Victor J. Girardi4/23/11
I am very glad that I checked this web site out. I too have been getting messages on my cell phone from these inane freaks. The common courtsey bit is hilarious. I am retired from banking and would have never treated my customers in this manner. You all took a load off my mind. I know now that these people are real morons and I will not give them the pleasure of a return call. I called their 800 number at 11:00 a.m. on Friday and was given a taped message to call back at regular working hours from 8a.m. to 9 p.m. They are a disgrace to honest bill collectors everywhere. In closing thanks for all your help

Mad as Hell!4/26/11
I have been receiving calls for over a month. I have returned the call 4 times, explained that I am not the person they are looking for, and that I have had the number they are calling since October, 2010.

So far I have spoken to individuals calling themselves, Johnson, Allen,and Hunter.

Each time they have assured me they would cease the calls - but still they come - I had two in the last hour.

Surely there is some government agency to report this harassment to???

I received a call today from this Takhar Group-18006200371 the recording. The recording stated that it was important that they speak to me. At first they didn't want to tell me what kind of company they were. Once I figured it was a scam they couldnt tell me what type of debt I had with them. I never had a credit card nor anything that I should be paying for other than my car, so I knew it was a trick. After I asked this guy nicely not to call me anymore because I have had previous encounters with these guys before he went off on me and asked me if I had a police report and blah blah blah. I told him in a firmer tone of voice not to call me anymore I hung up on him and he dialed my number back. I told him what I thought about the HARRASSING SHIT. I hung up again and called my attorney. They are going to start on a harrasing case starting Monday I have phone records and everything. My phone number is on the do not call list. I am going to make sure the guy that called me today looses his job be cause that was uncalled for.

Takhar called and this woman convinced me they send a letter to may old mailing address which I havent lived at for three years. She told me the copy of this letter is on line under my account. I logged in and confirmed that it was in fact me. Am I screwed? The debt is invalid, they claim I owe money to Columbia House from a 2006 purchase.

If the debt is invalid, as is mine, you don't have to pay it. The worst they can do is keep harassing you (which is, actually pretty bad). They'd have to be pretty desperate to run a scam to attempt to garnish you for a purchase you never made in an amount under 100 dollars.

I too have been getting the phone calls from this supposed company. I have no idea who they are and what they want so it was nice to find this page with all these comments it makes me feel better to not be alone!!! How in the hell do they get your cell phone # anyway,thats scary??? I might owe some type of medical bill but that would be it and I would expect to get an actual bill in the mail saying that money is owed.... This is some very aggravating bullshit and I would love to get the calls to STOP!!!!

Omg, just listening to these stories sound exactly like mine. I asked for a address and she wouldn't give it to me. They are the most ignorant people I have ever spoken with. I know they illegal. Trying to get people to send money in. I am calling the better business bureau and reporting this. This is really crazy.

K Mitchell//
Just ignore these asses. They can't do anything legal to you unless they file a complaint in a court of law. Then it is on them to prove whatever it is that they are accusing you of.

Sup Dawg5/8/11
These fools have been calling me repeatedly with the same, "We require a return call" bullshit. Today they left a message that was more polite, it asked for a return call and didn't "require" one.

More amusingly, they listed their telephone hours (M-F), but they called me on Saturday. Then said that I must (oh well, guess they're still "requiring" callbacks) today.

Really? Today? It's saturday you tools. You don't answer calls on Saturday. =P

Never calling them back. If they can't be bothered to produce proof of debt WITHOUT me calling them back, they can go hang.

I just got a call from Takhar Group "attempting to collect a debt." I know I don't have any debts in collections and I've been scammed in the past so I was suspicious. I asked what the debt was for, they said a Columbia House account from 2006. I told them I didn't have an account with Columbia House in 2006, to which they replied, "you must have forgotten." I monitor my credit very closely and wouldn't open any type of new account, much less open one then "forget about it." To that, they replied that maybe someone else opened an account in my name.
I asked them to send me the information they had on me and I would check with Columbia House and, if Columbia House had record of an account with my name on it, I would dispute it with them. They claimed that they could not send me anything in the mail because they had already sent me too many notices already. I have never received anything from them so I asked what address they had on file for me. They read an address where I lived years earlier than 2006 (when I supposedly had the account).
I told them I would check it out with Columbia House and, if, by some chance, somebody opened an account in my name that I didn't know about, I'd either continue to dispute it with Columbia House or just pay them off to get it cleared up. They wouldn't accept that and continued to try to get payment over the phone.
At one point I told them that the more persistent they were about such a small amount, the more suspicious I became and more determined I had become to NOT give them any info over the phone. The reply was, "Do you think if I had your bank routing number and account number right now, I could even take any money? No one can take money out of your account without your authorization." I laughed.
That was enough for me--it's clearly a scam when they say things that aren't true that are aimed at gaining your trust and getting your bank info.
I reiterated that I would follow up with Columbia House and take any further action as appropriate in coordination with Columbia House and did not wish for Takhar to contact me by phone again. After I hung up, they called my phone about 7-8 times within a half hour.
As soon as I hung up, I went to the Columbia House website and tried to view the "account" using the information Takhar gave me--it was not valid account information. I googled Takhar and, sure enough, here are dozens of other people who have been contacted by Takhar for bogus collections. Googlemaps of the address they gave me comes up as a UPS store in Niagara Falls, just over the US side of the border. They gave me a "Suite #" but it's clearly a UPS mail box on the US side where they can receive payments or do other business in the US, then dissapear back into Canada. Even more condemning was the fact that their website didn't say anything about an office in Niagara Falls, NY but did say that their headquarters is in Ontario--just across the border from Niagara Falls, NY.
I was previously scammed by another group operating like this. I reported it to the FBI and was told that doing it this way is becoming more common--they get a means of collecting money or doing other business inside the US to avoid suspicion but they actually operate in Canada and are therefore much harder for US authorities to track.

Daniel Adams//
These guys have been calling me for weeks--or at least I assume they're calling me, since they never say who they're calling for--they leave a message with this phone number. But if you try calling the number any time of any day, you'll get a machine message saying there isn't anyone to take your call, and to call back between Monday through Friday, 9 am to 9 pm. (Eastern Standard, I assume.) The whole thing smells of scam.

I just received a call at work from these morons claiming to be a business. When I called back the rep informed me I owed a BMG music club bill. I told him I didn't even know what that was he said it didn't matter it had my name on it. I asked how could I owe something to some company I didn't even know what was. He said I owed it that was all there was to it and if I didn't pay I would have a negative report on my credit and proceeded to hang up on me.

annoyed //
I started getting calls from these people last week. They claim I owe money to a telephone company that I've never even heard of.. And it gets better, they claim that it's a deliquent account from 2001.. In 2001, I was only 14 years old! This has got to be a scam. Don't give them or even confirm any of your personal information!!

Received a call from these people yesterday with a recorded demand for a return phone call. Checked my credit report--nothing, just as I suspected. Entered my phone number in their website and got this message:

"Unfortunately, the information you have provided does not match an account on file. Please confirm your information and try again.

If you are still unable to verify your information online either call us at 1-866-408-8299 between the hours of 9:00pm and 7:00pm Eastern Standard Time, Monday to Friday or contact us via email."

They can call my cell until the cows come home. I'm not answering. They didn't ask for anyone in particular and they didn't leave any information about the reason for their call. They can, in the words of Kathy Griffin, suck it.

A very rude supervisor...//
Called me and basically said she did not care about my health or personal situation. She was rude and very much so a total B****! I don't know what the problem is with this company, but need a HUGE lesson in manners and respect for others... They have been calling for weeks and have left many rude messages of which I ignored, but this time I was STUPID enough to answer. DUH me!

Owing money is one thing, but basically being told that MONEY is all that is important is a great deal of BULL S***!

These people call us several times every day. We have not answered the phone, as the caller ID says simply, 1-800 Service. The message left is a beligerant male voice saying, "This is the Takhar Group calling on an urgent matter. We *require* a response to 1-800-620-0371 immediately . . . " So I called and got a belligerant woman whom I told if they did not immediately remove us from their list and stop calling, I would report them for harrassment. She got even more belligerant and raised her voice to me, saying they would call until they could talk to my daughter. I ended up yelling at her in . . . shall we say . . . a foreign language, and hung up on her while she was still yelling at me. I'm 56 years old and trust me, this company needs to be reported. Matter of fact, I'm going to call the phone company and report them right now, and then I'm going to put our number on the do not call list. This company needs to be shut down and barred from doing business under any name.

Running Elk7/28/11
I've had my current phone number for three years. The person they are looking for is unknown to me and I don't owe them any money. I've asked to be removed from their calling list but have not been. The recorded messages are getting more demanding and frequent. If there is no law against this kind of harrassment there ought to be.

Takahr called me about a year ago, for debt they told me I owed for the last 7 years. They did not tell me who I owed money too. They wanted my credit rcard number. I asked them to send me a bill and if it was something I owed I would pay it. She insisted on being argumentative and told me I had no choice but to pay it now. I politely hung up. They called a few more times. I did not see a bill or hear from them for about 6 months, then all of a sudden I started getting calls. I had put them on my block list. Then they started calling leaving messages. AL tho they were blocked it went right to my voice mail. They told me I had to settle a debt now or it wouldn't look good for me. And tell me I must call back or else. After a few of these messages I called back and asked for the person who had left the message. She continued the same thug mentality. She did not tell me where the bill was for and just wanted my money. When I told her she was not getting it and I had added her to my block list and would not be returning any more calls. She said It doesn't matter its too late for you now. The ruling is against you. No I've started getting calls from Harris and Harris collection agency. I answered the 1st call because it was a area code where family is and it was a tape. Asking for me and push 1 and blah blah whatever. I put them on my block list. So far they haven't left any messages. I took one persons on this boards advice and made a complaint to the fcc

As a follow up to my previous review.

I sent these people a letter, certified mail, return receipt, telling them to provide me with proof of debt or cease and desist.

The calls stopped for about three weeks, but they've started again with a vengence. I just ignore them. I monitor my credit report weekly, but because they don't have my Social Security number, I seriously doubt that they could do me any sort of harm anyway.

They're nothing but junk debt buyers. They've purchased junk debt for pennies on the dollar--it's nothing more than a high risk investment that they hope pays off. I doubt they can do anything to you other than harass you. The big NO NO would be to give them CC information--then they would have access to your credit report. As long as they have nothing more than a name and a phone number, they're pretty much neutered.

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