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RJM Acquisitions LLC Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

RJM Acquisitions LLC

575 Underhill Blvd Suite 224
Syosset NE 11791

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
516-714-1300 800-541-0824 516-714-1304 516-714-3416

Have you ever received a letter that says you should pay much more than you think you should pay? This is what happened to me. The debt collection agency told me that I needed to pay an unreasonable high interest rate. Donít get stuck with this company! Change to a company that does not scam you!

i am very upset with this compony i got a letter in my 7 year olds name and when i called i got no were with them. my child did not order anything and ii have never order anything from a book club i dont like to read or have the time. i want to know who used her name to do this but i will not send her brithcertifcat to them this is not right i know they can find out how old she is with out it

Nancy Price2/7/11
I received a bill from RJM Acquisitions for an old account, Crafters Choice. This bill was paid on November 10,2010 in the amount of $60.22, check #1036, Chase Bank. Please removed this from my credit report and from your files. Thank you.

I typed the site WWW buit not worked. I tried to pay to RJM. I puzzled something wrong with the site of WWW. LEt me know thanks

randy kirkland2/11/11
i was wondering about a 50%off on that bill of 305.42 and was wondering what i can pay to get this taken care of

diana beltran2/12/11
hola buen dia me llego un papel es un cobro pero no se inlges me podias decir de k se trata gracias

Ed Christensen2/13/11
I got a invoice for 187.79 for a book club that I never heard of in my life.I called there number on the invoice and was on hold for over a hour. < NO ANSWER> I have better things to do with my time then this. I can't get ahold of them on line or the phone so if it has to go to court so be it but I make $65.00 P.H. so RJM can pay for every hour it takes to clear this up that I lose from work.

Mary Pttman2/14/11
I received a letter from RJM stating that I ordered books from a company in 2007 and giving me several options to pay this bill. Well I never order the books and is not responisable for payment.....

I received a letter saying I owed $87.00 for books I never ordered also.This is on my credit report and wont come off there.I am trying to get a mortgage and its the only thing on my credit report that shows bad.I refuse to pay for something I did not order or receive!!

Roy Converse2/19/11
I received a notice from you stating that I owe money to Fingerhut for merchandise that I never ordered or received. I am also letting you know that I have never lived 18 Nakissa Drive in Sodus, NY 14551. In matter of fact I lived in Williamson, NY. The Sodus, NY adress was my brother's and his name is John Converse. He used my info to order merchandise in my name, so that I would get stuck for thew merchandise that I never ordered or received.

Annie Boyd2/24/11
I want to pay a bill. My access code is 132786915620

I recieved a letter stating that an visa account, which was paid in full 19 years ago, is now in colections. Pehhaps before aquiring new accounts, RJM should do their homework alittle better. I have no intention of paying this bill for a second time.

elio fabio manzanera3/4/11
hola,solo queria agradecer por mandar mi overdrawn union bank of california account.
tenia conocimiento de mi deuda,mas no el total,tambien cabe mencionar que fue debido a mi falta de experiencia,de ante mano agradezco su cortez y amabilidad trato,tengo poco conocimiento de estas cosas,deceandoles un muy buen dia,gracias.

michael morlok3/8/11

Elias Rosas3/10/11
hola buenos dias quiero de favor me manden una carta en espanol porque no se ingles y la verdad estoy muy interesado sobre esta carta gracias buenos dias

Why are people posting their debt information (or non-information if you don't have a debt, but got a letter anyway) and personal information? This is a REVIEW website. The collections company is not going to see this information.

Anyway, here is my review of the company. I received a letter from them for money I owed in February. I think the options offered to pay off the account was reasonable. Then again the amount I owed was only about $90. I chose one of the offers and when I called to make the first payment the women was very nice and did not have any kind of rude tone because I had a debt on me. My main problem is the hours they are open to make a payment. I am on the West Coast and they are on the East so their hours are very limited to me. They close at 4pm PST Monday - Thursday and on noon PST on Fridays. Their website states you can make a payment over the phone 24/7, but it must be a secret number because the one I have does not give me that option.

ra &ba magaro4/6/11
in refrence to 2 bills that we received. you are charging each of us for the same bill. it should only be one bill for the amount on one bill not double the amount

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