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Paramount Capital Group Inc Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Paramount Capital Group Inc

(610) 771-0990

Doesn't matter3/11/11
Have tough skin when you talk to their representatives. They must still be in training. Not an ounce of decency

D Larkins3/11/11
These are the rudest people I have ever dealt with. My husband has a student loan with them for Truck Driving School. We never received a statement showing the interest we paid for 2010. I called, and was told that they only generate 1099's for interest over $600, we fall just short of that. They sent me an Account History that has no identifying information on it.

I called back, was rudely spoken to before I could even say hello, the conversation only got worse. I asked for a Manager. He was horrible. They refuse to send a statement with a note saying this is for student loan interest. How hard is that?

If you have a choice in student loan providers DO NOT use this company. I have never been spoken to by anyone like I have been by this group of unprofessional people.

T Pawley3/14/11
I am very tired of all the run around!! I had called Mr Joe Todd and explained to him that my account had been paid off since last March and I wanted the open status
of my account removed from my credit record, he refused and said to take it up with the 3 credit bureaus.
So I did, I had sent a copy of my cashed check and my banking records. However since Paramount Capital Group is reporting me with an open ballance they will not remove it.
Now they are telling me it was a charged off account. If this is the case where did my $5200.00 go to.
Did I pay for someome's vacation or car.

I would like a letter of explaination and a statement saying my account is paid in full and also have it REMOVED from my credit record.

cynthia-claire ('legal last' is technically not Owned by Us/Me but rather t4/7/11
I concur with T Pawley - very rude and threatend to have local District Attorney involved with lawsuit and jail. Going to be writting local Attorney General to look into this.

No name4/7/11
I have to agree with D. These people are very rude to the point of being threatening with their bombardment of calls and their demanding demeanor with no compassion for ones financial situation. I was finally able to pay them off and be rid of them for good!

I've been dealing with them for some time. After being ripped off by the trucking industry, Roadmaster's promise of a good paying job and Swift Trucking's promise of the same, neither of which delivered on their promise, I now am in debt to Paramount for this useless CDL I acquired. Thanks to a jobless economy I've gotten behind, and the threats mount. Jeff Brown at paramount calls constantly, twice daily. No compassion at all, pay now or you our lawyers will seek to garnish your wages. Then he hangs up on me. No professionalism what so ever. Not a company I will ever choose to do business with in the future.

No name 24/27/11
I agree, they are very rude. They have no respect for no one. The treating phone calls need to stop.

No name 34/28/11
They are so rude. I'm not the smarest person in the world but if you want me to pay you please don't get attitude with me when I'm being nice to you trying to explain my situation to you. I don't know how they call theirselves professionals.

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