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Ozark Capital Corporation Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Ozark Capital Corporation

701 W. 7th St.
Little Rock AR 72201
(501) 374-1300

Justin C. Hall8/25/10
I'm a small business owner looking for help to finance, two POS System. Now comes Direct Capital Corp. smooth talker Andrew Cole, Scott Lynch, (Troy Zsofka; this one is a rookie), Ian Kimball, with assurance that everything is ok with loan application, I asked Andrew Cole at least three times, before sending the "required", as he delicately put it, $329.00, for this bogus Credit Profile Report. The funny thing with this report is they intentionally make sure that most of the answer are wrong, for some reason, they switch the right answer, you can really see it when your talking to that rookie guy Troy Zsofka, I know right away that I was ripoff. Now comes the e-mail from Andrew Cole, saying that due to a bad economy, your application was denied. How can this people sleep at night. I file a complaint to New Hampshire Attorney General so hopefully they can shut down this company and put some people to jail. If you are a victim with this company, I want you to do the same. Let's put an end to this company and help others from being ripoff. BBB-Better Business Bureau as usual is no help.....I hope Ripoff Report can help us all get our money back.

Sandra F.9/8/10
my friend has also been a victim of this company. They kept on keeping tracks of my friend's payment although he is a regular and consistent payer. He was once asked to send another check that will have to do with the same payment she has just given 2 days before. That would make his payment be doubled. When he refused to give another check, he was threatened by the staff of the company that he will be sued because of inconsistent payment.

This company make use of its name in order to fool as many clients as they can, because that would mean profit for them. Though this does not happen to all clients, it will be better if the company will be scrutinized first by the future clients, if there will be any, and also by the government.

The debt collection company calls me 5 times a day about the same loan. I tell them that I will pay soon, but they call and call again. They send me emails, message me on social networking, Internet forums and call me on my cell phone. They send me text messages. What are they going to do next send morse code?

Sherry B.1/24/11
This company is one of those Zombie Debt collectors. They buy old debt that has been written off by the original creditor for pennies on the dollar. They have been after me for nine years. I never made a loan with them, my credit card was with Providian Credit Corp. Now they are serving me with writs of garnishment, etc. trying to get money from me anyway they can. I originally owed $2500 and they've turned it into $11,000 I do not owe Ozark Capital Corporation one red dime. I don't understand why all of this is even legal.

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