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Nra Group Llc Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Nra Group Llc

(717) 540-7636

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
800-360-4319 717-540-560 800-814-6580 703-653-0026 206-278-9133 503-485-0605 866-725-2769 405-653-0026 877-743-1358 703-653-0031 561-962-0988 866-431-5115 703-656-3940 888-483-8328 888-484-7594 866-467-2001 703-656-9865 866-275-3315 703-656-9668 866-436-6283 703-291-9022 760-204-8408 703-856-9940 866-231-8218 800-977-4672 703-656-9440 832-366-1100 319-261-0302 703-656-9968 709-656-9948 703-656-2510 703-656-7940 407-000-4712 763-656-9947 703-696-9940 506-227-4563 730-656-9940 877-728-3486 703-398-0839 202-000-0000 701-365-0215 703-398-09 866-284-4575 717-275-1084 651-379-0100 703-659-9939 202-495-7115 703-646-9940 920-231-0700 866-284-4577 866-626-4350 866-672-2010 202-652-4580 866-551-6971 703-656-9943 866-598-9904 703-243-7794 703-312-0604 616-980-2263 703-656-9399 708-243-7794

Collector for Sprint! I already have an active complaint with the FCC on Sprint and they are SUPPOSE to straighten out their error and they sent to this jerk who STILL tried to argue the account!

Sue Jones4/10/11
I just filed a complaint with FTC today on the NRA Collection Group number that calls our home on a regular basis...they ARE NOT calling for me or my husband but for someone else...and, it is maddening. Telling them that you're not the person they want and the person doesn't live with us...well, it makes no difference. Exactly how they expect to collect a debt from people who don't owe them....well that's a mystery. I just hope and pray that the FTC does their job.

Sharon //
received a call. A very rude woman named Portia tried to tell me that I had opened an account 6 years ago that I never opened. She also had an incorrect last name and address. I called them back only to get someone else on the phone who declined to give me her name. I called back a second time and spoke with a Tasha Adams who said she would take my number off of their service. I have a credit score of over 800 and I will do whatever it takes to get this sleasy outfit from continuing to harrass innocent people

collector for sprint???? never had them as a provider
they call and never leave a message.....they need to take a
flying leap!!!

I received a call this morning, they did not respond when I answered. Using Caller ID I returned the call. Both the woman who first answered, and the man to whom she gave the phone, denied calling me.

Some posting believe this is the National Rifle Association. It is not.

We are on a Do Not Call list, but apparently it does not good.

This is an agency who tries to collect old debt they bought from someone else. Yes, your old debts are bought and traded like mortgages are. This company tries to collect on them. They will not initially admit to being debt collectors until they have obtained enough information from YOU to at least suspect you are the person they want. They will try to get you to admit to owning property or a vehicle ect. . . and are not above attaching a lien on it. Just say Hello and hang up. They use some variation of a legitimate organization's name to coax you into talking to them and then begin phishing for personal information. Be wary about what you tell to anyone YOU don't know.

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