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Northstar Location Services LLC Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Northstar Location Services LLC

4285 Genesee Street
Buffalo NY 14225
(877) 630-6700

Maria M. Hastings8/31/10
these people are total crooks and hijackers...they contacted me about an old debt after 2-3 years and wanted to square up for CAPITAL 1 AUTO so i talked to a rep and she wanted to take a 6000.00 debt and square up by taking just 3000.00 sounds good ah. well it gets better i asked them for a bill summary reflecting the buy-out and how we were going to settle and i even gave them my e-mail add to make things easy so that i could get this thing resolved well they called again while i was at work and wanted there money that i owed and i explained that i did not recieve an e-mail from them well this went on for about a month then finally i started to get it.

i did a little reaserch and found that they are not sighned with BBB nor are they accredited with them so the lady called with threats that i did not want to pay and even had the adasity to ask me point blank that do i have the 3000 and when i said no she went crazy like this was personal or something .. the reason that they could not sent me an email was because then you would have a I P ADDRESS in which to find these criminals......

p.s SOME ONE NEEDS TO GET THESE SCAMMERS BEFORE SOMEONE REALLY PAYS THEM.... do not use thier payment website it is a crock and you can't trace the email........ thanks for letting me vent.......

these employers tell creditors to break laws then when a suit comes they fire them ask jimmy wisniewski, darren grant or any collector who wrked at this seispool led by the biggest joker dave entimowski aka mad hater

These People are scam artist, If you owe a debto Pay them direct. do not pay third Parties, If they are not Licensed Collection agencies in you state, you are not required to pay them or even talk to them. Also never Pay a third Party collection agency, this is against the law and you can check their status in your state and the regulatory collection companioes that are approved to collect in your state, some states even make them have a local license as well. Do not pay third parties Pay directly to the debtor that you owe to avoid scam, the third party or the bank or credit card that you are dealing with will apply this fee not the collection agency. This company is not professional at all , They call family members looking for you and interrogate family members telling them they have to find you it's an emergency it's not about a bill , that they are trying to collect on they mis represent to everybody they call, trying to locate you causing allot of family members grief , as well as threats this is ridiculous. beware of companies like this.
Never Pay a Third Party Collection Agency let them take you to court more than likely they are not registered in you state or even the federal government. This company is rude and inconsiderate to all individuals as seen on here also. They are demanding they have no morals or professionalism whatsover and no business ethics they need to be shut down by the Federal Government and or State in which they conduct business. Do not pay these people again take a check in to the institution that you owe if they deny the payment they have denied receiving the payment from you. Which encounters that you tried to pay them and they denied the payment needing to be paid. This will hold up in the court of law depending what state you reside in and if they are registered and or liscensed in your state for collection agencies. Do not ever Pay Third Parties for your debt this is a mistake on your behalf beware of companies like this.

LAST WEEK I USED MY FRIENDS CELL PHONE TO CALL NORTHSTAR and they have been calling my friends phone everyday for 3 weeks straight. 1 time my friend was at work last week and she noticed her cell phone had a message and the message was from mr herburger do you know he called her job and used her job number to contact me at my friends job. needless to say i called the NLS back and mr. herburger apologized but kept calling he even called me this saturday at 830 pm? wow what colletion agency does that? SO I KNOW I have contacted CAPITOL ONE to pay them direct and everything is fine.

Someone visiting my house used my home phone to call this Northstar company because every day without fail since then I get a message asking me if I am this guys ex wife! If I am not her, hit the delete button otherwise continue to listen. sometimes its an actual person leaving the message, otherwise its a recording. I never answer my phone if the number isnt shown and their calls come up with INCOMING CALL only so I just let it go to voicemail. To be hounded for someone not even linked to my home or me, is an insult to my time and I do not know how to get them to stop doing it. Has anyone had success in getting them to stop calling a certain number?

it's very simple. if you do not want any debt collection agency to call a certain number, simply tell them you do not know the party, and you wish to be added to their do not call list. if they continue to call, tell them to that you are contacting your attorney, because by them continuing to call, they are breaking the FDCPA

yep. they are bogus. no doubt about it. website is a fake.

I just got off of the phone with the FTC (filed a complaint about Northstar). Under federal law, a debt collector is allowed to contact a third party once about contact information for the alleged debtor. Telling them not to call any more does not suffice. You must send them a letter requesting that they cease attempts at communication with you (send certified with return receipt). Now if I can only find their address.

I have a bill that has gone to this collection company. They lost my records. Now I can't even pay my bill. How great is that? I spent four hours on the phone with Bank of America and Northstar, trying to PAY MY BILL. The money can sit in savings I guess.

These people were calling my cell phone looking for my father. They called about 3 times a week leaving messages. When I finally called them back to tell the to stop calling me the lady got very rude. She asked for my father's number and got hostile when I would not give it to her. She answered the phone as Northstar Location Services @ 866-328-8252 and it goes directly to a person, no answering service nothing. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!! unfortunaly, my husband was scammed the same way from a different number and differnt "company" trying to collect a debt. When I threatened with a lawyer they stopped. They wouldn't even giving me a business address for legal correspondance. SCAM!!!!! Debt collectors by law are not allowed to be rude, mean, say harsh things, and especially not bug the crap out of you! BE AWARE OF THIS SCAM!!!!!!

Audra Lawson2/12/11
This company are a BUNCH OF LIARS!!!! First they make a settlement agreement with me that wasn't honored because the woman who made the agreement with me was fired 3 days later! Then I end up with a rude rep named Gordan a total jerk and he thinks its ok to yell at me and tell me they are refusing me payment because it's not what they want me to pay! They continuously lie Im starting to think its their policy to lie. I asked to speak with someone other than their supervisor Sarah who is also rude and they tell me I can't! Unfortunately this little box is not big enough to put all the details in but I am going to report them to the BBB and I am also going to contact the AG in NY which is the state they are in. They are the WORST company to deal with I am also going to call Chrysler and see if I can deal with them directly because this company is a bunch of liars and crooks!!! If they call you tell them to go to HELL! They are inconsiderate, unprofessional, and rude!

I just spoke with an exceptionally rude woman - who stated that my name & number was given for someone as a contact. She refused to give me any information with regards to the issue. When I called back to instruct her to put my number on the do not call list - she hung up on me. Her name given to me was Ms. Hargrove.

Be Careful they attempted fraud on me2/17/11
Be careful, they called looking for my dad claiming he owed a debt. My dad has been dead for several years and all creditors were taken care of by the estate.

This place employs criminals, literally! They have their friends call in pretending to be debtors & authorize payments! People are having money taken out of bank accounts that they never authorized! Collector's name: Brian Derenda. Beware. Crook.

i honestly dont understand what you people are talking about.. i knew i owed money on my credit card, they called me.... i paid it!! they even helped me with saving me 2,000 $$ and magically my credit report has been updated since... seams pretty legit to me..

I have had my answering machine filled up by these morons and I dont' know the person they want.In my years as a private detective I used the same tricks "lisa martan" tried to use on me.This is a SCAM, no actual collection agency would try to collect in a state that they are not licenced in, Texas is one such state.No one in the A.G. office here has ever heard of N.L.S. I have a friend in the Buffalo area and he said he would be glad to pay them a visit (sic). more news as I get it.

Yes Steve, please keep us updated on investigation, I too have been harrassed continually by these rude, unprofessional people...!!!!! Have no idea whether to pay or not as I called the initial creditor and they did verify that Northstar was who they turned the account over to...but have never had such unlawful methods of collections such as they use. Horrible! What is this law about not being able to collect from a different state then what you live in? Can someone give me a weblink to that law? Many Thanks, and good luck to us all.

They pick a name in the white pages and they call and if it is like W Random they guess what the w is, like hey is William Random there, tried this shit with me. I asked to speak to a supervisor, they said they were the supervisor. I think this is ran by 1 single person at a time. Pretty much a waste of an 800 service. unless they are ripping folks good.

Rashid 6/5/11
I have an account with Bank of America which I get my direct payroll deposit every month and from this account I do my payment of debth owed from the bank. All of a sudden North Star Location Services started calling me for this payment without Bank of America informing me innitially or officially. The North Star calls me on odd hours at home , work and even on my daughter's phone. I wounder if this is a joke or scam, or ligal calling. I am just astonihed about the whole situation. I am still awaiting Bank of America to officially inform me that my credit or loan has been transfered to North Star Services LLC.or not. I am just appealing to BBB and Consumer Services to look into this, and North Star should stop harassing me.

This company has been in business since 1975, i.e legitimate operation. Any one who understands the industry knows that you don't last 36 years by habitually breaking the law. Unfortunately for companies such as this, and for collection professionals in general, they are a target for consumer groups and private citizens alike, enraged at the lenders they represent for "not working with them".

Besides the occasional "rogue employees" who will infiltrate any company and who, from what I've researched, are "routinely terminated", equally important to recognize, are those illegitimate illegal "companies" trying desperately to imitate collection professionals, permanently staining the reputation of the industry.

If we're going to play the blame game, let's ask ourselves an important question. If I have collectors continually calling me, is it possible that maybe I'm the reason why their calling?

Think about, and if you then find that the answer is "yes", and you feel that collectors calling you is a problem... hmm

This is in response to Mark. These idiots at Northstar call my home phone DAILY looking for some person that I don't know. So, to answer your question, no I don't agree that just because you have collectors calling you continuously, that the problem is yours. Other than you've been given a phone number that used to belong to someone who skipped out on their bills OR someone is giving your number out to avoid phone calls

I work there (in FLorida) and you people don't know the half of it, they have collectors on the floor talking so loud and screaming the f word, that you can barely concentrate on the calls you are making, their "Elite" veteran collectors get to play all day while the newbies work their asses off, the managers play the radio or tv so loud that you can't hear the people you are talking to on the phone, they are walking around behind you yelling incentives, when you complain that you cannot hear the people on the phone they tell you that collection floors are loud, period, it is a very nerve racking experience, especially when we are required to call 175 accounts per day. * When you call in and inform us that the person we are trying to contact is not known to you, your number is deleted from the account, if we are calling you, it is because you or someone you know owes a debt, period, don't want us calling, pay your bills, or tell your friends/family members to pay their bills!

im kind of a big deal4/7/11
hi. i have mixed feelings about northstar...they were slightly rude at first, however they have been more than willing to work with me with my PAST financial situation. sooo, without further ado, heres some tips to those still in debt.....
2. Set-up a 5-8% monthly payment for the first 3 months on your current balance.
3. In the 2nd month CALL THEM and reduce your 3rd month payment to $50 bucks.
4. Continue $50 payments for the next several months WHILE IN THE MEAN TIME SETTING ASIDE EXTRA MONEY TO BUILD UP A SETTLEMENT.
5. After several months have gone by and you've been making your $50 monthly payments, offer a settlement of .15 to .20 cents on every dollar owed. I.E if you owe $10,000.00 tell them you have $1,500.00 cash in hand that you WERE gonna use for car repairs, but you wanna settle the debt NOW.
7. Remember, they want your money and will ALMOST ALWAYS deal with you ESPECIALLY at the end of the month.
8. LASTLY, when the deal goes through, MAKE SURE YOU GET A COPY EMAILED AND SENT TO YOUR ADDRESS specifically stating the debt has been fulfilled. Then, wait a few months and check your credit report to see that the debt has been fulfilled. Naturally, it'll take a few months or maybe even a year to build your credit back up.
9. Bottom line here is YOUR THE ONE that got yourself in this mess, now take the tools and know how to get yourself out. DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT AVOID THE CALLS!!!!
10. Thanks for reading this...and to all the bashers and haters that dont like or agree with my comments, eat sh*t. Im outta debt and living the high life once again...AND i still have all my fancy toys :-P

@ Steve

They are licensed in Texas, since 2004.

Glenn Tharpe4/12/11
Northstar periodically calls my house asking for a relative who's been deceased for 2 years. And when this relative passed away he was totally debt free, and I have in my possession more than enough legally accepted documentation to prove it...

So as far as I'm concerned, Northstar can go xxxx themselves! They are a bunch of blowhards who talk the talk, but can't blow a decent bean fart to save their pathetic lives...

I've listened to the voice mail's they leave, and it's the same male voice, but using a different name each of the last 4 times they've called and left voice mail's...

Maybe the poor xxxxxxx is suffering from a split personality disorder! (~LAUGHING~)

It's well documented by legally accepted means that Northstar routinely breaks the law on a regular ongoing basis...

Hey, if you really want to make their day, get a police whistle and blow it loudly into the phone next time they call you. And by the way, you have every right to do that...

Hey, I'm kind of a big deal ... you sound like you work for these xxx-holes...

He can't make up his mind who he is

I recently had dealings with Northstar. I started receiving calls asking me to return the call regarding a business matter...after 3 messages; knowing I owed a debt, I called. I spoke with a a woman who was polite, knowledgable and offered me assistance on a credit card debt I was outstanding on to Bank of America. I told her I didn't have the balance. She gave me a couple of options on a payment plan and an option to settle the debt. I asked for a letter to that effect and had it in my hands 3 hours later. I used my tax refund last month to pay the settlement (I paid 40% of what I owed) and had a letter malied to my home 3 weeks later stating my debt was resolved. I am now working on 2 other debts; I only wish Northstar had them :( I read the posts on here; it seems to me that people are pissed because they owe money. And I DID research the company before I parted with my money. My rep was awesome; I wont mention her name here because I don't think its anyones business. But if you are reading this K...thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me. To the angry posters on here..go get a job and pay what you owe. That will stop the collection calls...duh!

These people will call you ,and give fake name-harrasse u everyday

I have been in the industry of collections for 15 years. The people that complain on here are just upset because they owe the money....Just listening to these uneducated DEADBEATS is awesome.......GROW UP AND PAY YOUR BILLS DEADBEAT SCUMBAGS!!!!!!!


they suck-- cant take the hint- quit calling!

I got several calls from them before claming to have a debt that I already paid to another collection agenacy a year ago. I was young and stupid. Now one thing that pissed me off about these ppl are tehy did not want to listen. They told me that my house was be hind in payments. I never owned a house (and i know that is illegle) I have all the phone calls with them recorded and also filed complates with my AG and also with the FTC. We went to court 6 months ago and I won the case againt them.

1. They never vailidated the debt when i requested.
2. They violated the FTC law by calling me after i sent them a registred letter.
Tehy clammed in court they never received and when i proved they did tried to say that person was fire around that time. I aksed the the courts for them to prove it and tehy could not.
3. I had 2 letter showing that my debt was paid for
4. I won 8000 dollars from them plus all court cases.

Now saying this. I did have bad debt (still do) but i am paying it off slowly.

Collection companys do lie, they do not do there job and try to make easy ways out.
I have had freinds that worked for them and they were triained to lie cheat and steal but if they got caught then they would denie all.

My understanding of the law is that 1
if your request for them not to call you then they have to stop
2. If your tell them you can only pay 50 dollars, dont tell them this just mail them a payment (never a check) and if they refuse it they have to close down the dept.
Upon request they have to give you a statment of all charges, how they go to that charges and all information from the orignal creditor. This means if you have a capile one card in collection and NLS is the 4th collection agent they have to provide you record from capitle one. If they can not they have to close the dept.

They can not use anything on your credit report againts you at all like they did me.

Yes i agree pay your dept. but i also do not agree with the tactics that they use. If all collection agents would be HONEST, RESPECTFUL and willing to work with peoplefrom the first call I think more people would be willing to work with them.

Northstar also has alias example: Zenith they think we are stupid...Mark & all the other loser's go pound sand...You have to work at a collection agency what a lame job. Get a real job douche-bags

Hockeydude, youre a moron. LMAO. I love dealing with you debt collectors, its fun as hell to walk in the office of yalls and ask to have a face to face chat since i'm a 300 lb all muscle mma fighter, and debt collecters are wimpy little scrawny nerds with no social skills. I banged a debt collectors old lady the other day it was great!

I work for this company and I have to say this much I have been collecting for many many years and I know this company is a Collection Agency but we are here to do a job and collect what is owed, we here at Northstar do no harras anyone if we call a number and the person is not there just please let someone know and we will remove it from our system..If you owe the money just talk to us and we will work with you to help you resolve this matter, and to say we hare threatening let me tell you this all the calls are monitored by a Quality Awareness team who listens to these calls and if anyone comes out rude to any customer they will be terminated on the spot.. I agree this company has been in business for over 23 years.. If you do not want to pay your bill thats on you thats your credit not mine, and if you do not wish anymore calls than write and letter and request the calls to stop..That simple..I am reading people complaining on the calls ..Do you owe the debit? Did you use the cards? or the Car? Lets be real and pay what we owe and be adults about all this...

I have received two calls from this Company. One was a voice mail and the other I just answered. The person on the other end was asking to speak with a relative stating that they gave me phone number. When I told them this was not their phone number and they needed to quit calling me, the man got rude and said "I will not quit calling you, you will give her the message" and when I went to utter my next work he hung up on me. I called back. I asked the first person who answered the phone what Northstar is.. He literally said "uhhh uhhhh, hold on" and then transferred me. When the next guy that answered he decided to tell me that it was a debt collection agency. I said well I have no debt you need to quit calling me. He said that my relative listed me as a reference. I told him either way they were going to quit calling or I was going to file a harassing phone call. He said the phone calls are recorded and he would pull the last one call. Northstar seems to be a bunch of BS. No one can answer any questions. So if they call you just tell them to stop calling or you will file a harassing phone call.

They suck the SOL is up loser's so you can pound sand..

What a scam. These losers barely have high school diplomas, everybody is in-breeding and they're making 100k a yr ripping off people. Somebody should look into FRAUD. Their floor would have 0 collectors if it was a firable offense in such a lowlife business.

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