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Nationwide Recovery Systems Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Nationwide Recovery Systems

2304 Tarpley Road, Suite 134
Carrollton TX 75006

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
972-798-1000 713-626-5620 423-472-4600 972-798-1067 866-326-0995 866-842-8861 903-266-3955 803-266-3955 800-387-4533

Paul M. Dellinger8/25/10
About four years ago, my former partner and I bought cellphone service from Cingular for out part time business. All of our bills were paid in full and on time. When my partner was promoted and moved to another state, we dissolved our business.

On August 1, 2006 my partner spoke with a Cingular representative about our dissolution and that person told him that our phone service wold be cut off by August 22nd. She also told him that we had 60 days to reinstate the account at No Charge.

Prior to August 22nd I went into the local Cingular office and asked that the service be transferred into my name, that I wanted the exact same service for the exact same price. The young girl in their office was so busy eating and talking on her own cell phone that I wasn't ever sure that she got it right, but I assumed that she did and that I'd be good for the service.

The first bill was Way over what my partner and I had ever paid (we never charged more than $60.00 of calls in a month for 2-1/2 years) and I went over to the local Cinglular office and complained -- about the amount due on the bills, and that I thought the young girl had given me the wrong service, that she hadn't listened to me when I said I only wanted to transfer the service just as it had been. I was told the account would be corrected.

The next month I got a bill for $341. I started calling the 800 number and told them I wanted the account straightened out before I would pay anything. I told them to look at our record of payments and the kind of service we had had and get the account straightened out.

On October 7t both of the phones stopped working. I called and complained about that since the local people had said I needed to put a Sim card in each phone (which I did) and the phones would be fine for the length of our service. I again called and complained -- that my friend had recently been diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus and was using the second phone as a emergency system for calling me if anything went wrong. The week that he fell and started bleeding internally, he tried to call me many times for assistance. No phone service.

By this time, I was furious. I called Cingular again and told them that until they fixed the issues re: the account, I wouldn't pay them another dime. I still kept receiving bills for huge amounts of money even though neither one of the phones had been used since October 5th and we had no service.

At that point, I filed a consumer fraud complaint with te Attorney General's Office in Sacramento. No one ever contacted me reagarding this complaint.

I have now had seven (7) phone calls from some outfit that calls themselves Nationwide Recovery Systems. They call me at my job. Each time I have asked the person on the phone if they are aware of the Rosental Fair Practices Act, that they are breaking the law by calling me at my job.

I am a 65 year old woman who lives independently. I have a full-time job, am a responsible citizen, and live a life of productive service to my community. I want someone to tell me how to get this cleared up, and especially to tell whoever those people are who call me that they are breaking the law.

Steve B.11/8/10
These folks are just downright unprofessional. Got a call from a lady asking for me. I respond with, “Speaking”. So she immediately goes in to getting hostile with me about how I owe them money and that I’m not responsible. As anyone can imagine my eyebrows turn inwards and I tell her, “Calm the f*** down!” I tell her that I’ve been making payments and just hit a patch. So we try working something out to my surprise and she then goes into tell me I need to borrow money from my friends or family or else. I said, "Or else what?" I don’t take to kindly to threats. So I hung up on her.

eileen durfee2/18/11
I am tired of receiving calls from these people about things that a David Smith who was in Nigeria at the time ordered things and had delievered to my home which i told him i did not want that done. I never ordered any of those items, and i have witnesses, who will testify to that. Also i called a police who came over and removed all the items and took them to the police station, but before he did, my one friend Andy was there and the officer said that David Smith was a scammer, and he was using other peoples credit cards, so he took the items and invoices with him. Now i asked if i will get into any trouble and the officer told me no, cause he is at fault for sending the items to your home. And it is illegal to send items from here to Nigeria. I want the harrassment to stop, The phone number that keeps calling me is 800-387-4533 so pls do something about this cause they are saying they got my number from their client and this is a new number that i have and it is unlisted. And they are very rude, and unprofessional. Thank you for your time

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