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JC Christensen and Associates Inc Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

JC Christensen and Associates Inc

(320) 253-7800

Ronald M1/6/11
This collection company continues to call me, even when I tell them that they have the wrong telephone # and wrong person.
I got a new telephone # about 1.5 years ago. They are looking for the previous owner and they keep harassing me, even when I give them my full information and explain what is going on. They are really moronic and I keep getting computer generated calls that is annoying. I know they are violating laws and I will complain to appropriate agencies until they are brought to justice.

I'm a victim too, what I did is submitting them to FBI, everyone, let's do the same, submit them! I'm sure FBI have other priorities, but when too many people complain about a company, FBI will have to start investigating, because FBI is now overwhelmed, it's become a problem for FBI too, and they have to stop it! This is the only way to stop them from harming more people!!!
The logic is pretty simple here:
They harass you ==> You turn around "harass" FBI ==> FBI turn around "harass" them ==> you will be in peace;-)

Cornelius Boyd2/7/11
I receved a letter from your company,a few days ago. It is a debt collection letter.File#11005636. Original creditor Credit One Bank,Client Resurgent Capital Services LP. Current CreditorLVNV funding LLC regarding 444796216202852 amount owed 1037.53 total due1037.53. In this letter you give several opction to settel this account. I like opction #1, it a good and generous offer, $363.14 65% off the balance. Thank you for such a kind offer, however I must decline your offer. I am not in the habit of paying on something I DONOT OWE. I settel that account with your client some years ago, I never renewed or reopened another account. If they say I owe them they lie, If they think I owe them they are wrong. I donot owe therefore I refuse, and will not pay to you or then nothing.

Nada and Jeffry Pera File #108018482/17/11
To whom it may concern,
On behalf of this account which is under my name Jeffry P. Of Hebron, not Jesse P. of Valparaiso, you took advantage of Jesse and Shirley P. called them numerous times at their residence. Gave them my personal history, which is none of anyones business, nor may even be true. Now today my wife Nada P. spoke with a supervisor, she called there twice today. spoke a Robert Johnson who said that since I was hard of hearing that i had given them permission for them to discuss my debt with my mother, shirley p. that is BS!!! I am not hard of hearing and i was at work today. My father is hard of hearinyoug, his name is jesse, not jeffry, you continually call the wrong house upset old people and coerced them into giving up their credit card number. They are not responsible for this debt. and what you did is illegal and can be proven in court. You have no right to harass elderly people when have meds to pay for with that credit card. The credit card company has been called. My wife called and spoke with a debt attorney as they cannot be without their meds, they are disabled, but your workers knew that...listen to your tapes and you will see, he is hard of hearing and she is legally blind, so there you go..thanks alot JEFFRY PERA YES JEFFRY PERA HELLO GET THE NAME STRAIGHT>>CAN YOU HEAR ME?????

you keep calling the wrong ppl!!!!!!!

Wow - the person I "tried" to talk to is Kylie and she is very rude. I was under the impression that collection agencies had to identify themselves. After being very rude to me while I was trying to figure out who and why I was returning her call, she finally told me who she worked for. As an employer, I would not be proud to say she worked for me!!! I am usually a very nice person and didn't realize this debt was out there - I fully intend to pay it in full but when the first few words out of her mouth are rude, you don't get very far with me!

kiss my ass

I have been attempting to try and work with this farce of a company and they WILL NOT WORK WITH ME. The "debt manager" called me during dinner time (of course) and began immediately threatening me because I (unemployed) was unable to pay a nearly 10k debt rightthisminiute. I offered monthly payments, anything, and was told no. I was finally told that unless I could get someone to take care of a sizeable amount of this, they were going to "recommend further action" to the original company to whom I owed the debt. They were rude, unwilling to help, and frankly I don't think it's legal to deny an attempt to pay a debt.

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