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Howard Lee Schiff PC Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Howard Lee Schiff PC

510 Tolland St.
East Hartford CT 06128
860 528 9991

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
860-528-9991 800-628-3813 207-621-9991

Frances S. Derry8/22/10
How is it that so called lawyers are allowed to do this? These people are just heartless despicable people! They sue on behalf of dirt bag collection agents. See budhibbs.com. They are right now suing me on behalf of LVNV funding for a debt that I do not owe. They don't care to discuss it with you, they just care about taking your money.

I received a notice from them last year stating that I owed LVNV funding money. I immediately disputed the claim and demanded validation of the debt which of course they never provided. Fortunately I still have the green card receipt and a copy of the letter sent. I just filled out the court documents denying the claim and counter suing then for FDCPA violations. Also, Howard Lee Schiff is dead! They continue to send letterheads with his name on it.

The law states that if an "attorney's" name appears on the letterhead, then that "attorney" must be available to discuss the case. Hello? What's wrong with this picture? I can't wait to go to court! Beware of phony documents that they send. Challenge every document, dispute the debt, and try and make them prove it! It simply can't be done. Don't let them scare you, they have no power and chances are, if you go to court, you will beat them! You might even walk away with some money!

Tom Luby4/26/11
The people at Howard Lee Schiff law office are pure SCUM!!!!! They are just lying sleazebags only determinded to get as much money as possible,,,,the truth has nothing to do with it!

The low wage bimbos they have making and taking calls are very STUPID, UNEDUCATED and PATHOLOGICAL LIARS!!!!

They will never let you talk to one of their 3rd rate lawyers who attended the worst law schools (Frankilin Pierce U, UMaine, Suffolk, etc,,,,,hahahaha), so we/you will probably have to wait to talk to them right before court as I am sure the judge in small claims court will make people negotiate,,,,,,DO NOT believe anything these "liars for hire" tell you! They are NOT your lawyer and are the enemy and will lie to you and try to scare you to get as much money as possible out of you,,,,,,

If you work for the Sciff firm in any capacity, you are pure scum, a low life, stupid and a TOTAL LOSER!!!!!

gina marie paro is the most hideous and grotesque looking person i've ever seen. she can't even make it up the courthouse steps without an oxygen tank she is so fat and did i mention ugly...i wouldn't pay this scumbag a nickel if she sued me...

These people just cleaned out my bank account for more than a supposed "judgement" that CT small claims said they were awarded back in january. How are they allowed to do this? I received a letter from them at the end of last year stating that I owed a debt. I responded with a certified letter asking for validation. They sent me a letter about a month later (January) with an account number and nothing else.

Is there any way to get their withdrawal reversed on my bank account if they took more than they were supposedly "awarded"?

I received a summons for court from this company. I went, and was told I could have more time to pay this. One month later I received anoth court date for the next month. I then received a letter that they suppsoidly sent to the court to continue this to give me more time to pay. When I called the office, I was told I didn't have to go on that date and that it was going to be continued. I then received a letter for September 17th from them. When I called the office, I was told I had to go or my wages would be garnished. When I did go, I was told there was nothing scheduled for me and that the date I was told was changed never was. They put a lein on the deed to my home on that date. They then garnished my wages...When the debt was paid in full, the money kept being taken out of my pay until I called them. They stated they sent a letter and the over payments back to my employer. The problem was, they had been sending all my personal information and my over payments to the wrong address, and not even to my employer. I called them and told them that I don't know where you are sending this personal information, but you are not sending it to my employer. They managed to send the garnishment papers to the correct address in the correct state, but not my money. I finally got a call back from"Robin" and she was very nasty and said it had been corrected. My employer started reimbursing me the over payment of over $1,000.00...

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