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Genpact Services Llc Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Genpact Services Llc

(646) 624-5917

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
513-878-4901 866-207-5958 561-596-4490 800-920-6758 623-643-2995 321-749-8829


Their correct number is 877-239-7495

Carrie Fox3/23/11
These people took my money on a collection settlement but will not send me anything in writing stating I paid it. The took my $210 and now I have been turned over to 2 more agencies and still no help from them. Sounds like a scam to me. I guess I will think twice before I pay a collection agency.

DO NOT give this company any funds and especially access to your bank account(s). They will insist that you pay via check, debit card or payment over the phone, so they will have unlimited access to your bank account.
They refuse to accept payment via cashiers check or money order, because that does not allow them access to your bank account that they will make further unauthorized withdrawals from.

This is a fraudulent service which tries to prey on people by making up completely bogus claims. Do not pay them a penny!

Erin White4/15/11
This is a false service. They have been calling saying that they were engaged by Paypal to collect a debt of $307. We owe nothing but checked with Paypal anyway. Paypal said we owe nothing and didn't know what this was about. Genpact said they had no information about the so called "debt" they were collecting and seemed to think we lived in another state we have never been to. They just wanted money. The whole thing is completely fishy and sounds as fraudulent as the Genpact Indian agent calling himself Roger Williams. Do they really think people are that foolish as to just fork over money they never owed in the first place? This is a scam. We are calling the police tomorrow to make a complaint.

This irritating company calls my home at LEAST 12 times per day, I have asked them numerous times to quit calling that I will not pay a third party for my credit card. However, they continue calling. This morning, I was finally nice and got as much info as I could to use against them.
Of course, they had no physical address only a PO Box, however I will share that info with everyone. Also, they show up on my caller ID as Cincinnati, OH. The address for the PO box is in Southgate, MI. HUMMMM?!
Here is all the info I could get out of them, they also wanted me to set up a check-by-phone or pay with a debit card, I would not do either. As most of us know, when you pay a third party it does NOT come off of your credit, meaning they do not report you as "paid in full". If anyone has any idea how to block them, I'd be happy to have that info, in the meantime here is what I have thus far:
PO 1969
Southgate, MI 48195
Phone number (877) 704-2248

Jack Powell
July 6, 2011
Genpact Services LLC
Possible Shadow Collection Agency

Md. Collection Agency Licensing Board
Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing,
and Regulation
500 N. Calvert Street, Room 402
Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Consumer Protection Division
Maryland Attorney Generalís Office
200 St. Paul Place, Baltimore, MD 21202
Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Response Center
6th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20580

I would like some help with numerious and anonymous phone calls that I am receiving at (410) 754-8123. I keep getting a phone call from (513) 878-3692. I asked the caller the other day if they were from Genpact Services LLC and they told me they could not reveal who they are working for. The gentleman had an Indian accent.

I did some research on the internet and according to internet sources this number belongs to Genpact Services LLC.

To my knowledge I have never talked to anyone from Genpact Services LLC or ever received any correspondence from them. They do not reveal who they are. They just keep calling and calling. The following is a phone log of the calls I have received from (513) 878-3692 from July 1, 2011 through July 4, 2011. The area code (513) for this number is from Missouri.
7/1/11 8:53 am 513-878-3692
7/1/11 10:24 am 513-878-3692
7/1/11 5:20 pm 513-878-3692
7/2/11 8:53 am 513-878-3692
7/3/11 8:38 am 513-878-3692
7/3/11 9:28 am 513-878-3692
73//11 11:01 am 513-878-3692
7/3/11 12:2 3 pm 513-878-3692
7/4/11 8:42 am 513-878-3692
7/4/11 11:02 am 513-878-3692
7/4/11 1:33 pm 513-878-3692
7/4/11 4:22 pm 513-878-3692

Could you please investigate and see if this is in fact Genpact Services LLC? They wonít tell me if they are calling.

Please help.




Genpact Services LLC
PO Box 1969
Southgate, Missouri 48195-0969

Genpact Services LLC
105 Madison Avenue, Second Floor
New York, New York 10020
Southgate, Missouri 48195-0969

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