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GC Services Limited Partnership Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

GC Services Limited Partnership

6330 Gulfton
Houston TE 77081

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
614-322-1696 713-777-4441 713-271-3899 614-322-1797 614-322-1754 847-741-7841 865-687-8993 614-759-8325 858-578-1455 619-581-2412 858-621-6092 614-322-7696 614-322-1695 614-322-1793

Kathleen C. Eberly8/20/10
I had a bill in collections from GC Services Limited Partnership. I paid this bill November 11,2006. It is now March 13, 2007 and my payment was never sent to the original biller, they claim they never received my money. I have a confirmation number and a bank statement showing the payment made, and they still insist payment was not made,and would not make any effort to correct the problem. Due to GC Services Limited Partnership mistake my credit report has a dent in it that they refuse to fix. They fought with me about the payment made, screamed and cursed at me and kept hanging up the phone. They would not let me speak to a supervisor or another employee. Instead GC Services Limited Partnership would put me on speaker phone and talk slanderously. My money has been stolen and is still floating around in there pocket. There is no correcting this because they will not answer the phone or let someone else know the situation so it can be correct. GC Services Limited Partnership are thieves!

J.B. Curtis9/7/10
There have been many people saying that they were being harassed by GC Services Limited Partnership. My friend works for a company that has several branches. GC Services began calling their company several months ago to find a person who doesn't work at their office. When the receptionist told the caller about this, the person became very disrespectful and saying stupid words to her until she finally hung up on the caller. But the caller seems to be very eager to find the person. In spite of the fact that they were repeatedly told that the person they're calling doesn't work in their office. I can't believe they were wasting time on doing things like this.

M.J. Smith9/16/10
Not so long ago,co worker told me she was hunted down by a staff from certain GC Services Limited for an old credit card loan. I just told her to just ignore it and it will go away. Was I wrong since they started calling me too as much as 8 times a day!t was embarrassing since my office mates sometimes received rude calls from them, at one point they yelled at my friend. I decided to answer the call and told them that just one more call and they're going to be reported to the FBI or something like that.It was magic, the calls never happened again. I was so awfully relieved.

The debt collection agency bothers me a lot. They call me while I am at work or on my home number. They call my cell phone number and they send me text messages to my cell phone. They talk in very rude ways and they swear at me to pay back my loans. I wish I never got a loan. These scumbags want me to pay back the loan sooner than I thought.

greenfeld 4/16/11
gc service is terrorist its least to say . is it right that this that gc collection

agency call every day twice . not at all .

gc collection are criminal . even i dont owe nothing to sprint pcs gc service sill calling everyday .

ypou have the right to sue them , you can win in court , record the number of time the calling , sue this low life in court ,

and get money back and the stress the inflicting .

greenfeld meir

greenfeld meir 4/16/11
you can win back from gc service low life harassing the public .

These scumbags is to good word for low life collection agency ,

i wonder if the recording all the call ????

sue them get pauy back from low life These scumbags . take them to court , win back .

this scumbags not above the law .

even i dont owe penny to sprint the calling every day , sometime twice ,

never pay this low life .

greenfeld meir

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