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Express Recovery Services Inc Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Express Recovery Services Inc

3782 W 2340 S STE B
(801) 486-4182

David Tutt6/24/11
6/22/2011 about 5PM mst I went to their office locate on Decker Lake Drive in west valley city to make a payment. After the payment was made I requested a receipt stating that the payment was made. Because they take debts from multiple places they lump them all in to one judgement. I requested a note for Questar Gas. I had another debt from a medical facility when my son was very ill. In order to restore service at Questar I needed to pay the bill. The Hispanic female at the front desk declined my request. I asked to speak with her supervisor. She went and got the supervisor who came to the front desk and also denied my request. I began to explain why I needed the receipt to state that I had satisfied my debt with Questar, not with Express in general. She then began what seemed like to me, an attempt to belittle me in front of her co workers. She very rudely (by tone and words) said "too bad that's the way do business and if you don't like it pay your bills!" At this time I held my tongue as best I could. This woman is a supervisor I asked her co workers? I asked for her name and title and she would on;y say Candace. I asked her to wait briefly while I contacted Questar so I could be assured that there would not be any other issues. She then said, I'm not waiting for you or talking to anyone. They can call here I talk to them everyday. I asked her, "who do you speak with? That way i can ask for them specifically. She said I don't know their name. I said, you just told me that you speak with someone from there everyday, surely you remember someone's name if you speak with them everyday. She refused to give me a contact name. She refused to identify herself by giving me her title. She did give me a first name, and I suppose I should be grateful for that. After this she said that she had other things to do and walked away. She was very unprofessional in appearance (hair unkept)excessively baggy clothing. The other agent had a blouse so low i could could clearly see the tattoos she had on her breasts. Hardly the type of call center you would expect ran by an attorney. I contacted Questar and they were kind and considerate enough to contact Express Recovery while I was there and had myself fresh in their minds. After that I left. What I would like to see is some respect and consideration given to someone who's child was ill, had back surgery and due to our enormous healthcare costs in this country got a little behind on my payments. This woman had no idea of my situation or how I came to be in it and gave her teammates, coworkers a perfect example of how NOT to handle a situation. It does her company a disservice to be so disrespectful when I came to them to pay. They didnt have to hunt me down or call me over and over. I was considerate of her and her position I expect the same. An apology would nice, a reprimand or at the very least, more training for her and the people she manages because surely they cant be their very best with supervisor like her. I'm not looking for money or fanfare. I just want to be treated with the dignity we all deserve.

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