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Equable Ascent Financial Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Equable Ascent Financial

1120 W. Lake Cook Rd.
Buffalo Grove IL 60089

debra everson1/14/11
please call me about an account and hold put on my property at 315-507-2758 and let me know for what account this is or email me at debraever084@aol.com

Dorothy J. Johnson5/12/11
I found you on my credit report. Please contact me for information about this. account number 532 another number was 2981746852.



323 203 4679
S.S.NUMBER: 559.41.2759

naida boyd3/9/11
Good Morning,

Since I've been advised to contact your office regarding my case with Phillips Cohen and so I am forwarding my response to your office.

Thank you for your response.

Naida Boyd

On Tue, Mar 8, 2011 at 3:55 AM, Nixon, Dolores wrote:

Good morning Ms. Boyd,

Your account was closed and recalled on 2/9/2011 in our office.

Please contact the client Equable Ascent Financial, LLC directly at:

1120 Lake Cook Road, Suite B,

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089



Dolores E. Nixon

Compliance Associate

Phillips & Cohen Associates, Ltd

695 Rancocas Road

Westampton, New Jersey 08060

609-518-9000 x 1175

888-344-0900 - Toll Free

609-518-9171 Fax


From: naida boyd [mailto:nmaureenboyd@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, March 07, 2011 9:53 AM
To: CS E-mail Distro
Subject: Response

March 4th, 2011

Phillips & Cohen Associated, Ltd.

Mail Stop:2907

1002 Justison St,

Wilmington, DE 19801-5148

Ref#: 17422685

Dear Sirs,

Good Day!

I am in receipt of your correspondence which I received long past the date you requested that I should have responded. The reason being is that I have not been at that address in nearly a year.

I would like to explain my situation at the moment hoping that the ‘hardship’ I’m undergoing will be considered. I am currently on early Social Security which is lower than what I would have received had I waited until age 65. Because of the serious health condition of both my parents, I had to travel to Jamaica to take of them (ages 94 & 90) both of whom are ill. And, I cannot even begin to think of putting them in a nursing home because of my lack of funds. My father is 94 years of age, has Alzheimer and recently had a stroke rendering him unable to do anything for himself. Everything has to be done for him. My mother on the other hand is 90 years of age is diabetic and she also had a stroke (prior to my father’s) which has left her with speech impediment. None of us (me included) have health insurance and I myself am in need of seeing a doctor having a severe knee pain but I cannot afford to go.

Thinking of ways how to make some money so that I could pay this bill, I signed up to do one of these working from home Internet business, which was portrayed as a workable solution but was forced to abandon it after realizing the financing necessary to get the products and market it. I thought of declaring bankruptcy but I cannot even contract a lawyer to do so.

Therefore, since I do have any savings or any liabilities, only solution I can offer is to further squeeze $50.00 monthly from my Soc. Sec.

I do hope that this letter will cause ‘mercy’ on my situation. Thanking you in advance and I look forward to hearing from your company via email or to my address listed below.

Yours Truly,

Naida Boyd

P.O. Box 54, Brown’s Town P.O, St. Ann, Jamaica, West Indies.

Email: nmaureenboyd@gmail.com

(a copy of this letter has been forwarded to your office via the post office mail)

Jane Riley3/28/11
Dear Sirs,

I recently recieved from your company (March 17,'11) a notice to settle with your company for a debt that is not mine. I am 86 years old and have no idea what this debt is.. it certainly is not mine. The original creditor is GE Capitol Corp. The account ID you provided me is: N5947794 the reference number is: 6019180397443850.

Please help me with this unfortunate situation. Again, this is not my debt...My husband of 63 years died this past year and we always paid our debts on time.Never in a lifetime had we ever received such a notice... I am requesting a copy of the original creditior's contract. If my name was signed it is fradulant. I am heartsick over this and need to find out what it is all about.

I anxiously await your response,

Jane L. Riley
Westport, Maine

Mike and Deb Shimonowsky3/29/11
You can take me to court cant pay!

debt was already paid!4/5/11
My debt was paid last October and you still state I have not paid? You are screwing my credit report still and I hope this same crap happens to you! Bastards!!!

Debra Smith4/8/11
When looking to re-finance, I found that your company is listed on my credit report. This issue was resolved and never should have gone to you. I would really like to get this taken care of and removed from my credit report. I have left two messages but have not yet heard from anyone. Please contact me at the number left on your voice mail.

Debra Smith

marcia 5/3/11
I have a lein on my home, and would like some consideration. I am paying the debt through your law firm. The funds is taken out my pay check every 2 weeks. I was and is still eperiencing marital problems, and was unable to pay all my debts. I am in the middle of applying for Modification for my home, so I can have a lower payment. My home means a lot to me.

Screw you 7/17/11
I received your summons and complaint. I will jerk you around with motions and delays until I file my bankrupcy which was my intent anyway.
Screw off and incur legal fees you leeches!

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