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Encore Receivable Management Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Encore Receivable Management


Additional Known Phone Numbers:
913-782-3333 913-782-3333 913-393-5100 913-393-5100 913-702-3333 913-702-3333 913-393-5189 913-393-5189 913-393-5719

Eugene G. Simmons8/25/10
I have dealt with this company since about 2003. They started calling me for a debt I owed that I was managing through a debt management company. The harrassed me at home with 2-10 calls a day. Sometimes they would leave a message, but would not say the company name, they would just leave their name. If I called the number back and ask who the company was, they would snidely reply, "You know who this is." Most of the time I would hang up on them because that is what they do if they don't get what they want.

They even called me at work on a government cell phone. I told them repeatedly not to call me at work, but they wouldn't stop. So we finally had to get the government lawyers involved, to tell them to stop calling me at work. I admitted I owed the money, that I was paying through a debt management company, but they said they did not have to work with the debt management company, etc. But they accepted the checks every week from the debt management company and would still call me to harass me. They would call to ask if I would settle for less than the balance. I kept telling them no. If you settle for less than what you owe, the balance will be what you have to pay taxes on. Believe me, I know, because I had to do it.

They will call your parents to find out where you are if you change phone numbers, which is not illegal in itself, but if you find you have to deal with them, give your parents a heads up and give them some questions to ask the company. Since they are ruthless people, they will likely answer the questions, which then is against the FTC laws. Like for instance, have your parents ask them how much you owe? If they answer that is totally illegal. All they can ask is if they know how to get a hold of you, they are not suppose to tell your parents anything about the loan/debt, etc.

I have recorded phone calls with them and have written letters for them to stop calling me and that they were receiving monthly checks from the debt management company, but they don't listen. Or they get someone new in the company to call you who is not familiar with your file or that letters you wrote asking them to stop calling you. One other way they violate FTC laws is threaten to take you to court if you don't pay. They can't do that either, but they do. I just threaten them right back with a law suit of my own.

Finally, after about 3 years of paying on the debt, I came into some money and was able to pay them and a few other debts off. But when I sent them the money of over $5,000 through the debt management company, they wouldn't take the check even though it was in their hot little hands because the debt management company sent my payment with another of their client's payment in one check. Encore said they couldn't cash it because the debt management company did that, so I had the debt management company send the check back to me and I told Encore to basically shove it. That they were stupid not to have cashed the check that was in their hands and that I would continue to make monthly payments. That if they called me again for any reason, I would report them to the Attorney General's Office as well as the FTC.

Maybe one or two would try to call at least once to two times every 3 months or so, but finally changed my phone number so they couldn't call and I finally got them paid off. Watch out for these people. They are ruthless, cold hearted, compassionless and will do anything to get their money. In my opinion, just hang up on them if you are making steady, monthly payments that you can afford and not what they want you to pay if they keep calling and harassing you.

Laura G. Torres8/28/10
Encore Receivable Management Inc. calls my home number an average of 8-10 times A DAY! Sometimes they hang up and follow up immediately with another call. The debt they are collecting for is supposed to be in my wife's name. In their records, the have my name wrong. I refuse to give my name to them. They also ask for my wife's date of birth and social security number! Like I am that gullible! One representative named Eric threatened to have me arrested. Multiple times, I have asked for proof of this debt in writing. They have not sent a single piece of paper. On top of that, they can not even verify my mailing address. Another representative threatened to have a repo man come collect a vehicle. All for the alleged $600 account!! They do not leave messages on the phone. The will not give me any other phone number besides a fax number. I am considering having my home number changed because of the frequency of their calls. I am fed up and quite angered.

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