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Central States Recovery Inc Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Central States Recovery Inc

1314 N. MAIN
(620) 663-8811

I askd 4 a summary of my account and they refused 2 give it to me, so I can see what all I owed, they're somethin else

Dylan Jones2/16/11
Suzanne is one of the worst people I have ever encountered. They should be ashamed to treat people like this.

Donna R.6/10/11
I made payments arrangements with collector of Central States Recovery for a medical bill. Received a letter in mail confirming payments arrangements. The letter was addressed to myself and my spouse. When I called to inquire about this and to ask them to remove his name, the collector informed me that the law states that my spouse is responsible for my bill if I don't pay it. I asked her to take his name off the letter and that I understood if they had his name listed as my spouse on their records. She informed me that they could not remove his name off of the letter. I asked how could they list his name on a letter for an account in my name and the payment arrangement made from a bank account only in my name. She continued to say that he was responsible for my debt and his name could not be removed from the letter. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. The next person I spoke with stated it is Kansas Law that the spouse is responsible for the debt if the other one does not pay. I asked her to send me copies of this law and she told me to go look it up or call an attorney for the info and that she couldn't tell me where to find this info. I asked her if she could direct me to where I could find this info because I had never heard of that and she said she couldn't tell me where to fine it. Most debt collectors will not discuss info with a spouse unless they are listed on the account or given permission by the one responsible to discuss account with anyone else. In a nasty and rude tone she said she doesn't know where I've been that I don't know the spouse is responsible for the other's debt and she knows that herself because she's been married twice. I asked what does that have to do with listing that person on a letter. At this point I asked if there was someone over her. Then I find out she wasn't even a supervisor, she stated that she was another collector and that they did not have supervisors. Everyone has a supervisor or reports to someone unless they are self-employed. I need to verify the legality of CSR, Inc are any other agency being able to list my spouse as they have on the payment arrangement letter for my account/obligation and to slso inquire about supervisors. For their records listing spouse info, no problem. But listed on the letter and to say they are unable to remove it from the letter. The entire conversation with the second collector pretending to be a supersivor was unprofessional and rude. When I asked the first collector to speak with a supervisor, why didn't she inform me there are no supervisors at CSR, Inc instead of transferring me to another collector?

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