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CACH LLC Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number


4340, S. Monaco, Second Floor,
Denver CO 80237

A few common complaints about CACH LLC Threatening calls: Some Consumers have complained CACH LLC often makes threatening calls to customers. Collecting non-existent credit card debts: One of the common allegations against CACH LLC is that they try to collect on credit card debts the customers never had. Unnecessary harassments: This collection agency is accused of making calls to customers when they are at work. This is a clear violation of the FDCPA which prohibits collection agencies from making calls to customers while they are at work. The agency is even accused of harassing the consumerís relatives and family members. This is also a violation of the FDCPA.

My friend was served a summons last Friday evening by a Chicago police officer stating that he being sued for an old debt originally with PROVIDIAN BANK. The debt was obtained for collection by CACH, LLC and the law firm handling it is ARTHUR B ADLER & ASSOCIATES.

He has no experience in handling anything like this. So his wife wisely researched the process and some of the legal aspects; he, however, had called the law firm earlier in the day (a day before the court date) and made monthly payment arrangements to avoid court and pay off the debt.

He thought it was taken care of and that he would not be responsible for showing up in court or paying further legal fees (except for fees the law firm had already tacked on - the debt itself). He was relieved since the summons stated he would be responsible for a court-appearance fee and in court costs incurred by Adler & Associates. But his wife is convinced that he still need to go to court because the law firm knows that if he wonít show that he would be in default, even though the person he spoke with told him he didn't need to be there and that they (Adler) would show up for the purpose of dropping the case against him. Now he is kicking himself for calling them and making payment arrangements, thus admitting to the debt verbally, though he hasnít signed anything.

So I told him and also advice everybody: Yes GO to court!! CACH does play VERY dirty!! They also told me they would NOT file suit on me if I paid them a lump sum. Being naive I didnít' realize that a citation was indeed a suit! They will say whatever needs to be said to get a default! Also, I guess you could always say you agreed to payments under duress. Not sure on this one but the possibility of going to court scared u into admitting to a payment plan?? CaCh/Collect America plays very dirty. Make darn sure you show up or they will go for default whether you are paying them or not. If you do not have a written payment contract you had best get one immediately for your own protection.

Not only do they do debt collection calls, this company constantly requests feedback, opinions, surveys and replies back from me. I am tired of this kind of soliciting. I didnít even know what this company was, until I found out on the Internet that itís some kind of debt collection agency.

Do not do business with these people. They are scheming and coniving and fall under RICO laws. Please save yourself and if you have a default judgement you can file paperwork to vacate judgement as they committed fraud.

carol ann1/18/11
I never heard of this company CACH LLC till I got a notice from IRS that I diden't claim a cancelaation of debt. I had a debt with providian bank and had made a settlement offer that they accepted as payment in full. NOW I will have to deal with IRS over this cancelation of debt.

fed up!!!1/28/11
I had never heard of this company until I got a phone call from a lawyer back in 2008. I was harrased, threatened they were going to put a judgement on me until we came to a agreement. CACH agreed to accept half of the debt,so I paid it. Then I got a letter from the IRS saying I owe taxes on the cancellation of the debt. I paid that too. Now they have the IRS after me again to pay the taxes on the other half of the debt that they agreed to wash. I am so tired of this!!!! I paid everything they asked and it is not enough, they are leaches. They will suck the life right out of you!!!!

I guess if you would just pay your bills that you incurred you would have no issues like a collection company "harrassing you" or them taking you to court for money that you owe. If this company is collecting for Providian Bank which I believe is a credit card, you had NO problem charging and gaining the benefit of what was spent on it but NOW you have an issue because they want it paid. Hmmmm. Why should someone have to chase you down for the debt you incurred and gained from it and NOW you don't feel you owe it. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO CHASE YOU DOWN TO PAY WHAT YOU BORROWED!!!!

Ernesto R. Leon2/4/11
During same 6 month appear in trasunion a collection that no belong to

Sr.Ernesto R.Leon


SS : last 4dig 3971

the account belong to:

Ernesto Leon Jr.


SS: last 4 digit 3975

Ernesto R. Leon

Hello All,

I have to agree with Miss r bad things happen to good people, And when you lose your job or have a medical leave and have no money coming in sometimes you have to prioritize what you can pay. I was not about to lose my house I live in or auto to get to work, so I defaulted on a few Credit Cards. And two years later Junk buyers purchased them pennies on the dollar and they are taking me to court for them. I WILL FIGHT THEM!

Legally you are required to pay taxes on forgiven debt, it is not the IRS' fault for sending you the letter and making you pay it as you are required by federal law.

Evelyn I Hall2/18/11
I recieved a letter from the IRS stating I had a cancellation of a debt. I would like to know what this debt was for the account number is 13608090060700448 the date is02-25-2008 You can let me know on my email address at ladyevelyn@peoplepc.com I would appreciate it very much Thank You Evelyn I Hall

Very up set2/18/11
I under stand that you use the money you pay it back. But come on they do not have to take you to court to get what they want. I feel that this company needs to really have some investgating because the way they go about trying to get their money is so dirty. These people have no heart.

This collection is horrible! I have contacted my city's department of consumer affaiirs and filed a complaint against them. I also have been looking into legal advice to sue them for violating the fair debt collection act. CACH, threaten to sue me, called my mother's job and told my mother's EMPLOYEE I am in a lot of trouble. I tried to make a payment arrangement with them and they denied it. If this has happen to you, please contact me at trinitybeauty@aol.com

i just got a letter from irs with a cancellation of debt..its suppose to be the difference well they put the whole amount and now i owe them i need the number to this place they never sent me anything at all and have been on hold for 30 min this isnt right at all

i would like a cancellation of debt for account number 14461041070601439 or find what options would place the aact. in good standing

This company is nothing but a vulture....a VERY RUDE VULTURE!!!!!! Before I received anything from them by mail, they call not only myself but anyone in the phonebook that had the same last name...regardless that they were family.

I know cause I called a few people up. For everyone he was rude, made false statements and mentioned the reason why he was calling....CALL A BIG FAT NO NO under the Fair Debt Collections Practices act.

I'm working with a Debt Reduction company for months. As soon as I told them the name, they told me that can't speak to anyone but me.

Report their ass to the FTC if you've had any dealings and been harassed by them. Please of searches on the internet for people that have filed a complaint or sued them back!!!!

My wife bought a car from a car dealership (Drive-time) that immediately stopped working and crapped out. She took the car back and the car company refused to honor their warranty and repair the vehicle. THEY EFFECTIVELY BREACHED THE CONTRACT!
(So mr "people paying" you can suck it) My wife left the car there and bought a new one. She was a single mom at the time and could not afford a lawyer to fight for her. The car company reported the debt on her credit. Now the debt has apparently been sold to CACH LLC, a company who obviously has no care for any details regarding the why or how the "collection" was placed on someone's credit. There are no checks and balances for slimy car companies or debt collection agencies. It is only the poor people who are victimized, the ones that cannot afford attorneys to fight for them. CACH LLC made an agreement with my wife and she payed a third of the money to them. We were never received a 1099-C form from CACH LLC, although they apparently sent one to the IRS. Now we have received a letter from the IRS concerning the "debt forgiveness" bull-crap. This world is crap, and only the honest poor man with no money suffers. IMPORTANT: CACH LLC has a "D" from the Better Business Bureau in Boulder Colorado. This is on a scale of A-F. They have 17 complaints filed against them, the majority of which are about collection practices. CACH LLC is not a BBB accredited business. This should tell you all you need to know about CACH LLC. CACH LLC is an instrument of evil because they only collect money instead of investigating the facts around the debt incurred.

i just receieved a mail from this company CACH saying that i have to go to court stuff like that but i never had problem before and i dont have to go 2 court ... anyhow i am not goin to pay attention for this letter i am diffenetely going to take some legal actions regards to this company ....

thank you all

i have been paying these people since june of 1998 i live on a fixed income and the balance has not come down so someone please tell me whati can do now they told me that the intrest would stop when i made payment arrangements but now they say that is not what they told me you never get anything in writeing just talk to someone on the phone anyone have any suggestionyou can e-mail me at mhawkins1944@gmail.com thank youand god bless

Zak Myers4/4/11
I am Confused; I had a credit card with Providian which was sold to Washington Mutual. Cach, LLC has filed a small claims lawsuit against me after refusing to negotiate on with me. I am currently on SSDI because of an injury. I am confused on how to handle this case. I will be attending all hearings and I am requesting help from the state. The amount I am being sued for is a low sum under 2500.00 according to volunteer attorneys. Can anyone advise me on how they handled Cach, LLC.

john anonymous4/9/11
"People Paying" sounds like a frustrated debt collector. Do your homework before going to court in response to a civil action by this LLC entity. Debt collection proceedings are largely regulated by the governing statute of the jurisdiction (state) cited in the agreement IN EFFECT AT THE TIME YOU OPENED THE ACCOUNT (SIGNED THE AGREEMENT). Some states have a 2yr limitation from date of last payment (DLP) after which no proceeding can be legally enforced against the debtor, others have 4, 5, 6 year etc. limitations. The governing statute MAY NOT BE the state you lived in at the time you opened the account, or the state you sent your payments to. Most financial entities do business in multiple states, and in the due course of corporate enterprise the governing statute will change from time to time. If the law firm bringing the civil action against you cannot provide a signed/dated copy of the original agreement stating under which jurisdiction (state) the law shall apply then the court has no way to determine if the debt is legally collectible and should dismiss the suit against you. If they CAN PROVIDE the agreement, and the debt is not "time barred" from collection under the governing statute, then you will have to make settlement or a judgement against you may be entered and subsequent legal activity in pursuit of said judgement (wage garnishment, etc) can be undertaken. I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY...I just do my homework. THERE IS NO SHAME IN USING THE LAW TO YOUR ADVANTAGE just like companies do. YES, PAY WHAT YOU OWE IF YOU CAN. I do not support nor endorse serial bankruptcy filers nor other scammers.

credit repair guy6/23/11
You are all so stupid! just pay your bills damit!!

Joshua the Debtor4/21/11
It is a shame that now in these times that companies need to take such actions to collect on a debt. It is also a shame that the population is not smarter with their credit. We have just come off as a country with majority of it's popultaion living beyond their means, either with credit cards or housing mortages. We all have had bad times and credit cards makes it so easy to fall into the pit of charging to maintain living expenses. We as americans need to do a few things, pay all of our debts off in some fashion or another pay off our houses, the less we need credit and mortages the better and this will put an end to collections by such places and put them out of business along with creditors and cards. Of course it is a pipe dream but if only every American can be non dependant on credit, americans will be better off. I have recently paid off all charge cards, credit cards and car loans along with my mortage. Yes it was a huge struggle and putting the wants over the needs was also a struggle but did it, and now we live so freely and can save our money, instead of shelling out our money and only have small savings. So to everyone out there! Make your deals to pay off your cards, get everything in writing(if you can't get it in writing than don't make the deal) A fair and square deal should not be a problem being put in writing. Pay off your arrangments and don't got back there again, rip up those credit card application. Save your money and when you have a cushion of cash in the bank invest the best that you and be smart on the amount, and you will never need that rainy day credit card

Peace out! and fprget the Credit Cards they are evil!

judith zultak florida4/22/11
this is a fraud company dont know them. the firm of becker poliakoff fla
and their collection atty joy mattingly along with athene collins and daniel dammyer
sued me for 9,000.00

what a scam

judith zultak fla4/22/11
this agency i do recall however the fla firm of becker poliakoff and their
collection atty joy mattingly sued me to pay them. any law firm who
is associated with bernie madoff is not ethical in my books so there

Miss B4/25/11
I am taking this agency down! They continue to harrass me for a closed account and when i sent them my request for info I received nothing. Now 1yr later they sent my info to another "law firm"( ha what a bunch of bullshit)and are again trying to collect money I do not owe them, again even though I sent them a cease and desist letter! Total violation of the law and my rights! I can't stand some of the above comments by the way about people who can't/don't pay their debts...You are idiots!!! To say that it is okay for scam companies to harrass people and threaten them and so on just goes without saying that you must be a representative of that company. When you lose your job cause I am going to screw your company beyond repair..make sure your debts are paid cause you can't put con artist down on your worthless resume. I am so sick of you people! Curse you

miss r5/3/11
i do not know cache and owe them natha.

maybebe some other bloody jerk wants me to pay them for him

miss r

cach is sueing me along with daniel dammyer and i do not have any
contact nor do i know them.

sounds like fraud to me. daniel dammyer is a retired cpa in his 80's
and not a 58 yr old man. what can be done with id theft when the local law
will not help.

suspecious in fla

Big J.5/10/11
Well I got a summons from the sheriff and filed the paperwork. I made an arrangement with the sheriff to collect the monies for me instead of me sending the money directly to Cach which was from a Providian debt. But after reading most of these messages, I can finally say that I got a letter in the mail today and it said my account status is "PAYMENT IN FULL" I am so proud of myself for handling my business correctly.

Big J. in N.C.

I am trying to contact this company to settle a debt and can't get in touch with them. Does anybody have a number or contact.

Mr D In FL7/17/11
About three years ago i had a run in with this company about a car loan with some bank they kept calling me every day for payment i sent them a letter to show where i sign for this car loan. i wait and wait and i never rec anything from them then one day i went out to buy a new home and when they pull my credit it show that i had a judgment place on me by CACH LLC for 8,000.00 well as you can see that did stop me from getting my loan for the new home. i try to call them many time about this judgment but all i got was the run around by them they would never show me any paper work about this loan so i then went out and got me atty to help me with this matter we had to file a sute again them when it came time to go to court my atty got a letter from them that they took had the judgment remove and that they where sorry for what they did and that it was a wrong person they where looking for they also offer a settlement for me to drop my sute my atty to me not to take it as they need to learn that they can not do this to any body and he has had to suted them for some other person and won. well we did go to court i won the case and they have to pay all the atty fee plus. so if you do go back on them you just never know but they are a big scam comapny.

Doin My Best7/7/11
I owed a Loan company 11,000.00 when I lost my full time job back in 08...I worked Part time for 2.5 yrs so needless to say things didnt get paid..I was contacted by this CACH,LLC...They have been pleasent to me I guess because I called back and set up payment arrangements...Each month the take my payment as agreed and I dont hear from them..Will this help my credit score?

If you get a summons for court for a credit card debt you can download a verification of debt form and present it to the court at least 30 days before the court date.This will put the collection company on notice that they will have to prove the debt , not you.You will still have to go to court dates.See creditcard.com for the whole process.

student credit card with bank of america i only owe $2000 i was paying the $35 a month and if i got extra money i would make another payment or add it to the $35 a month i owed them, but it never went down because they fine me a $35 fee and interest then i lost my job and my dad helped me pay it for a while but it was too much and he could not do it any more ,i called bank of america and told them what happen ,my account was turned over to cach llc ,they called me a 5-7 times a day and threathing me and were very is very rude,they didnt care i lost my job and i have no income ,and when i told them i lost my job and i have no income they said i should be ashamed of myself and there is no reason i should not be able to pay, now i got letters in the mail from lawyers saying i have a lawsuit against me from cach llc,i dont have anything i have no job and no money or income and i have tryed very hard to get a job and i still have not going a job,i dont own nothing

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