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Bronson, Cawley & Bergmann, LLP Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Bronson, Cawley & Bergmann, LLP

415 Lawrence Bell Drive
Williamsville NY 14221
(888) 990-8100

Arlene L. Jacks8/31/10
My husband was a victim of ID theft due to an advance loan fee scam through TRANS CREDIT FINANCIAL. Once he was aware of what had happened, he contacted all online payday loan places and told them what had happened and I faxed the police report/fbi report and the ifcc report to them.

Bronson, Cawley & Bergmann, LLP has been threatening to have him arrested and wage garnishment, and severe harassment at his place of employment, which is a violation of the fair debt collection act. They have been notified to stop calling at work, and they keep ignoring the request. Since a copy of the report to the FTC was faxed to them, they have calmed the calls down at his place of employment. The officer who took the report said that they can't legally file anything due to having a open police report.

On 9/13/2005 I received a phone call from a woman named Christina supposedly from United Cash Loans, and she stated we had 48 hours to pay 510.00 on a 300.00 loan for procedures would begin. I informed her that I had all documented proof of the theft and that they are not licensed to do loans in the state of Nevada. Christina told me to prove it and I faxed the documents to her from the Financial Institution in Nevada that they had sent me. She then called back and told me she wasn't from Bronson, Cawley & Bergmann, LLP and she was from Pinion Management in Carson City, Nevada.

I told her she was violating our rights with her threats and that I would have the officer who took the report contact her and she stated I didn't have the guts to do that. Within the hour, the officer called and told her she had two choices, either cease and decist the threats or criminal charges would be filed. She stated that we were stealing money from them and he stated to her that it isn't stealing when no check was signed and being a victim of ID theft. We only have to pay the 300.00 back because they were notified of our checking account being closed due to the id theft, and that they are the ones who chose to keep trying to debit a closed account. Christina has to take $25.00 monthly payments til the loan is paid in full.

Does anyone know anything about Pinion Management? If you do, please let me know who they are and if they are a scam collection agency like Bronson, Cawley & Bergmann, LLP.

@Arlene Jacks...So essentially what you are saying regarding Bronson, Cawley, and Bergmann is that they were trying to collect on a debt, and when you notified them that you had filed a police report, they stopped calling? Im confused where the harassment took place? In terms of threatening to have your husband arrested, I can say that you are just exagerating. Several collection agencies in the Western New York area have been shut down, and several people arrested for those type of threats. So, if you were threatened like that, there would have been arrests, and possibly, it would have been shut down completely. As for Pinion Management, I cannot say I have even heard of them, so I cannot provide you any insight on them. I will say, I am a debt collector. I do not work for Bronson, Cawley, and Bergmann, but I do have friends at this agency. I know for a fact that they are one of the most compliant agencies in the area. In relation to other agencies that I have worked for, or that I am familiar with, they are forced to follow the rules. That is why I wont work for them. I just wanted to provide some insight into this agency.

i pay my bills.10/8/10
to be honest, bronson cawley and bergmann are so compliant and so anal about being a real lawfirm, alot of people wont work there because its easier to work at a chop shop that allows you to break the laws. i have know NUMEROUS people that have made bronson good money that they walked out over small infractions. so your story above is a drama filled movie for the dumpster.

I have been a debt collector, a supervisor over 50 employees at a collection agency, and I have been a paralegal dealing with debt collection through civil litigation. To say this woman does not pay her bills, or that someone would have been arrested is not a fact to make accusations like that. I know they threaten, I have witnessed collectors come in to work in bad moods and just look for the first person that doesn't make a payment arrangment. It would be difficult to prosecute someone for threats over the phone because; 1. you have to have proof and once you notify them that they are being recorded, they will end the call by saying you don't have permission to record them. As long as they say they are ending the call or goodbye, they are not harrassing. If they don't say either, that is considered harrassment under the FDCPA. For the second reason it is difficult to prosecute someone for threats is, you cannot even prove harrassing phone calls unless you trace your phone line after each call (supposed to be standard on all phone lines) by dialing *57, and even then, you have to have several calls, at $5+ per trace on your phone bill. I understand the ID theft and the domino effect it has caused on her finances too, and I sympathize.
As well, once they are contacted in writing to stop calling your residence or place of employment, they are supposed to stop all calls. Once notified, they have violated FDCPA with only one phone call. And, if they are calling a place of employment and have been notified by the debtor or the employer, or even given the impression that they are jeopardizing someone's employment by calling, they are in violation if they continue to call. I can clearly see the harrassment. They are not allowed to make threats or insinuate any court action, wage garnishment, etc. They are not allowed to collect by way of intimidation.
I will tell you one thing though, I just received a letter from them and they aren't even licensed in my state. That is grounds for a lawsuit and the bill that I owe to be paid in full by them. If they are willing to put themselves in that situation, I can guarantee they would do other things as noted above.

Susan Bliziotis12/16/10
These offensive, harassing collectors violate the law, are scornful and deceitful.

oh susan, pay your bills. dont blame others because you spent money you didnt have. people like you, susan, tanked america, i hope you proud of yourself, thief.

They have been calling my house too, but not for me. Apparently they are looking for the person that had this number 3 years ago. They are relentless and violated the FDCPA by leaving both recorded messages and a live person saying they are collecting on a debt.

They have dropped the Bronson from their name, though. Now they are just using Cawley and Bergmann.

They are violators! They called me and my fiance and my father repeatedly after already talking to me and knowing where to reach me. I was called all kinds of names by a lady just today. She proceeded to tell me that she knew what kind of person I was by looking at my credit report and she went on and on. Maybe someone should tell them that good manners would go a lot farther!

the truth2/2/11
its so sad how you people do not pay back the money you borrowed, then cry like victoms when people call to get their money back. the people on this thread are what the internet is all about. idiots that have hurt our country by playing victom when they are the ones that stole money and didnt pay it back. thank you for killing america, you azz holes that spend what you didnt have then cry about it. the scum of amrica isnt the bill collectors. its the scum that cries victom after they stole.

They'll Get It When I Have It5/28/11
They are calling and I'm not answering. Interesting comment from the collector that is monitoring this site saying we are the reason we are bringing the country down for living beyond our means. The country has been living beyond it's means and so have the businesses that the country bailed out. Many of which are the ones calling for money now. The difference is, the country can just print more money, the rest of us have to earn it. After you get laid off and, particularly when you're getting up in age, you may have to settle for a lower paying job just to pay for the necessary living expenses when the unemployment runs out. Kind of hard to keep paying bills that are no longer in reach. However, I have paid many and as I do, I start paying the next one. The others will just have to wait their turn.

The Honest Truth2/9/11
This is to comment on "the truth" thread. Yes there is a lot of people out there that does take advantage of the system and does borrow never paying it back. However, on the other side of the coin, there are those that work and try..pay their bills...and then have a hard stretch of luck such as losing their jobs. This would alter whether or not bills got paid on time or at all. So, I think that it is very unfair of you to judge people when not knowing all of the underlying circumstances. It sounds like you are very financially secure and make all of your payments on time. I am very happy for you but there are those that are doing the very best they can under circumstances and comments from people like you doesn't make their self esteem any better. If someone makes you feel like dirt then you are going to feel like dirt.

Thank you "The honest truth"!
After layoffs and the economy declining, some of us are doing the best we can to climb out of a hole.

Maybe if we lied & cheated our way through life we'd have the money to pay our bills on time!
yournutz & the truth need a reality check

Crawley & Brawson Employees should all be fired!!! Unprofessional and exremtly rude!!!!! They all need to have a lawsuit filed against them. It is against the law for them to call and harasse people. From going on different websites there has been alot of complaints about this company. The better bussiness needs to shut this company down!!!!!!!!

They have been calling me for my ex-wife who hasnt lived here in over 10 years.

They keep calling my house for someone who does not live here. I have repeatedly told them that they have a wrong number; however, they continue to call. Just now I called them back and said please remove this number and the receptionist was very nasty. She said my number had been removed earlier and other people are probably trying to reach this person also. I said "no, I have caller ID and their name showed up and I called right back to the number showing". She said that my number has been removed and I will not get any more calls and hung up. Her tone is anything but professional.

The latest victim of the scum known as "Cawley and bergmann"!2/18/11
(1) I believe some of the pro-collection agency posters are collection scum themselves! They are probably loser employees of that sumbag firm, Cawley and Bergman'!

(2) Lets be honest, MOST people in the credit collection biz are uneducated, mentally disturbed, from very low socio-economic backgrounds, low wage workers and very angry scum hired off the streets! The turnover rate at these "firms" must be higher than a McDonalds!

(3) Today was my "lucky" day to come in contact with a whorish female with a NYC area accent of a certain religion that was rude, nasty and demeaning and she has the gall to ask me "why R U so sensitive?",,,,I gave it back to her in spades!!!! She was dumber than a farm animal, unprofessional, blue collar and just an angry whore!

(4) The reason car salespeople, realtors and collection people have such terrible reputations is because MOST of them DESERVE it! They are low grade people and cannot find edmployment with better companies and it is between these jobs and McDonalds (that might be insulting McDonalds workers!),,,,,

(5) Lastly, FUCK YOU Cawley and Bergmann,,,,,,they have nooooooo idea who they picked a fight with!!!!


they want to "settle with me" for $$$ today in two monthly payments for what????????
We don't owe it.

i am in the military and didn't receive a letter from them until a month and a half after it was "sent". they were offering a payment plan but when i received the letter it was too late. i talked to some guy on the phone who was a complete doucheknocker. i would have slapped him around a bit if he said the things he said over the phone, to me in person. and still would if i met him. he basically told me there was nothing i could do unless i paid my total balance by the end of the month. i told him to F off and a lady called a week lady offering to settle. i accepted because ultimately all i wanted to do was pay this bill. oh yeah and they called my mothers house numerous times while i was overseas almost daily. i do not deal with very many "debt collectors". even less that call them self a law firm. but the were just utterly rude. not acceptable. but i am paid in full on the first of march so i do not have to deal with them much longer

Lone Star3/13/11
Cawley Bergmann has been calling my home phone number looking for someone that evidently had this number 3 years ago. All my incoming phone calls are logged to a text file, I've had 21 calls from them in less than 2 months. So Mr. "i pay my bills" (above) how's that for them being "anal" like you stated. They haven't even been calling the correct person, harassing innocent people that have "paid their bills" like I have. Note that little detail, I have no unpaid debts at all, my outstanding debts are zero, nada, zip. My phone number is "in the book" how difficult is it for them to look it up and see they are calling the wrong number/person? Others here have the same problem. I've had enough, I am going to give them one last chance to stop this harassment. Then I will contact my state Attorney General as they have no license to even operate in my state. We will see what happens then.

This people just are trying to get something that they work for, I called since I change my phone number, because of that. But they get the information again and start calling me, I don't know who are they, but I know they located at NY, 415 lawrence bell dr. buffalo, ny 14221. phone number 716-635-9550.

Some times they ask for different names and last names, wach out for this guys they say that are a collection agency. If you have no bussiness with the report them to the ftc.

I would like to start by addressing..."The Truth". I hope that you never have to "eat" your words. In some cases people have loss their jobs and in other cases their pay is not increasing while everything else is...I hope that you never have to face the decision of..."Do I pay my mortgage and feed my child or do I pay the debt collectors." One last thing I would like to say to "The Truth"...if you are going to go around insulting people...can you learn how to spell...the word and spelling is VICTIM not victom as your ignorant behind spelled it throughout your post...I know that it wasn't a typo because you spelled it the wrong way more than once...
People can collect debt and still treat people with care and dignity. You never know what mental state people are in due to their financial situation and when you have a jerk off on the phone treating you like the scum of the earth...that phone call could be the breaking point of a person and it could cause people to make very rash decisions. The employees of Cawley and Bergmann are RUDE and UNPROFESSIONAL and have no right to even be in business. There is no customer service, no humanity...and a final point to you..."The Truth"...if you are not an employee of the firm...you should look into applying...from the tone of your post you would fit right in...because you sound just as rude and heartless as they are...but you better pray...pray...pray that you do not fall VICTIM to the economy...you know it does happen and sometimes it happens through no fault of the individual being affected...

I did not pay my bills, one because I lost my job, two because I have no income to pay. However, before I lost my job, i signed with a debt management company to make settlements on my debts and it was a three year plan. I did this because I lost half my income, and could not pay my debts, but I was trying, not to mention I have severe health problems. As for the comments from the persons who say Pay your bills and your a drain on the USA economy, do pray that a misfortune does not come upon you. You will not understand if you don't loose your income. I have paid my bills diligently and I am proud of that fact. I do not live on welfare, I rather work part time and not have enough to pay bills. No I live off unemployment and I am looking for a job but because of my age and illness I have had a hard time. Discrimination and Hard times is the Drain on the US economy oh yes and the rich, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Not looking for simpathy, just getting Biii???y about people who make comments who no nothing about what they are commenting about. Now back to Cawley & Bergmann, they called my x-partner and told him all my business about all my debts. How did they get his number? Just cause he had the same last name? They called family members, how did they get their numbers? They told my son, they new he was my husband and that he better give them information so they can proceed with collections. This is when they were listed as the other company. Two weeks ago is when they called my x-partner. Today, they called me and Josh Hakes, this is how he spelt it, his message stated he was an attorney for Cawler & Bergmann. They have dropped Bronson and they were formally Bronson and Migliaccio. When I called back I asked if he was an attorney he then said he was not but he works for them, I explained he had misrepresented himself as an attorney, he then became rude and he said he did not and go back to google land. I got irrate in return and told him "do not disrespect me on my phone and do not call back" I then hung up. I am going to file bankruptcy and I told him that before we got in our noted conversation, he asked if I had an attorney and I said I will not have one because I cannot afford one. All the while I will be attaining one, I only said this to see how far they will go in harrassing me and I am documenting. They told me they sent correspondence on 2/23/2011, I never received such. I do not deny my debt, and I do wish I could pay the company, not collections. This collection company bought the debt from the creditor and they are done with me, not the collection agency is working to collect for themselves. I will not pay them especially after their unprofessionalism. Oh yes when they contacted my x-partner I asked why they gave out my personal information? They told me that he verified my information and that he knew all about it. This is a lie so I asked to hear the recording and after a few hang ups they finally told me I had to request it in writing, I am in the process but I don't believe it will happpen. We will see. My x-partner knew nothing of my debt and he is upset at me asking me why are they calling him. I don't believe they are an Attorney's office, as they state on the phone. I do believe they are a collections agency. To "yournutz" and "the truth" threads I believe you are working for this same company or similar to Cawley a& Bergmann. So until you feel what others feel about running into hard times you really need to shut the F....... Up. We all have more important issues to deal with, such as illness and death. What about the poison from Japan, feel blessed and let a person live without more bullshit than they already have to deal with. Basically keep your p"s and cues. Just stick to the business of it.

Not Known3/29/11
Hey "the truth" aren't you on the internet doing the same thing, your the azzhole and the correct spelling is asshole. Your probably a child who lives at home with parents and again no nothing about the real world. Grow Up. Don't shit on people without knowing the facts. What if a family member dies and leaves debt for family to pay, why would you make this comment to others. Also, the government always spends more than what they have so you would then be calling them azzholes, and they are really tanking america. So what about that!! and if this is what the internet is for, just stop participating.

Not Known3/29/11
Oh yes to "the truth" and "yournutz" DO you know the suicide rate for people who have all their lives paid their debts, then loose their jobs, and they can no longer pay bills, maybe because of an illness, injury, job loss, or death. It is very high and the families it ruins, collection agencies feed off these insecurities. In my town, this happened to a business man, he murdered his family and himself because he thought this was the most horrible thing his family could go through, but it wasn't. It was death by him, because collection agencies made him feel worse than he already felt and he felt he had no other alternative. Now this is his crazy unfortuneate reality, but the bill collectors played a role.

When I do collections with customers, I am kind, respectful, and understanding. I have a 100% collection rate. Our company's bad debts have not ever been sold to outside collections in over the ten years I have been with the company, because I collect on every single one and sometimes I make settlement arrangements with the customers, and I am not a collection agency. Our customers are in construction and have huge debts and even the ones out of business will still pay because I give them respect and understanding. Something you two need to learn.

So I've been getting some phone calls CAWLEY AND BERGMAN, tried ignoring them because they leave voice mails for someone who I don't know (threatening and rude messages). I finally called them back stating that I don't know the person they are trying to contact. My number was "removed". So this morning I got ANOTHER phone call from them, I called again stating I can't help them. Lady was so rude so I asked to speak with someone else, she said "Your not talking to anyone else!" So I called back tried talking to someone in charge and he hung up on me. I'm glad I don't owe debt because dealing with these idiots would be a nightmare!!!

Keith P4/16/11
Cawley & Bergmann called my wife's work cell phone this week after being notified not to call it several weeks ago. They originally tried to intimidate me by threatening legal action against us and telling me that Bankruptcy would not protect me against their lien (which is a bold face lie per my BK attorney). Yes they are guilty of the FDCPA. I can say that after being told that "I" was recording the call, I was immediately transferred to Mike Hope. Mike was pleasant, listened to our circumstances, agreed to remove the business cell phone and I agreed to follow up with him next week after I get more information about a lawsuit that I am involved with. Unfortunately they decided that they would not wait for my call.

NUTZ, Your Nutz and "The Truth" you are probably one and the same. A typical moron that either works in this type of business or so immature that you don't even no how to run a business and the effects on a business when you have the biggest economic downturn in history. Obviously our well paid government can't even cope with that one.

For 28+ years we paid our debt on time and every time. When you work in an industry that goes from making money to losing money, you are humbled, you sale everything you own to pay bill and to get by. But when the economy does not rebound like Mr. Obama promised during his campaign, you run out of things to sell and you are no longer able to pay your bills.....so GFY

"As well, once they are contacted in writing to stop calling your residence or place of employment, they are supposed to stop all calls. Once notified, they have violated FDCPA with only one phone call. And, if they are calling a place of employment and have been notified by the debtor or the employer, or even given the impression that they are jeopardizing someone's employment by calling, they are in violation if they continue to call. I can clearly see the harassment. They are not allowed to make threats or insinuate any court action, wage garnishment, etc. They are not allowed to collect by way of intimidation.
I will tell you one thing though, I just received a letter from them and they aren't even licensed in my state. That is grounds for a lawsuit and the bill that I owe to be paid in full by them. If they are willing to put themselves in that situation, I can guarantee they would do other things as noted above."

Not alone4/19/11
Thank you for sharing your comments... I am glad I am not alone in dealing with this company. And yes, they have been properly notified not to contact me at my job, but have continued to do so. Due to the economy, I have lost a full time job with great pay. I am now employed at a part time job with half the pay... I KNOW I owe the debt but have been unable to pay. The company is not willing to work with you, and are totally rude.

Can't Find Them...4/19/11
I tried to go online to the website in the letter I received and it states they let their domain expire.. someone else purchased it.. how are you supposed to make payments when you can't reach them?

Uh, I wouldnt be making a payment to them. When they get your credit card number/debit number they go ahead and help themselves to more. Say you authorize a one time payment of x amount. they without your concent take more out the next month....Dont do it. Dont admit any fault....and if possible....CONTACT AN ATTORNEY...Filing bancruptcy never felt more right, than after I dealt with these bottom sucking filth bags! BEWARE of CAWLEY AND BERGMAN

I just settled with these people. Or so I thought! Today I got a letter stating that I still owe on the debt. Conveniently, I still owe an amount less the amount I just paid! Are they required to record the calls, because unfortunately, other than the payment, I have no proof we settled. Do I have any recourse? To top it off I tried to call the phone number on the letter and "its not accepting calls." I'm so devastated. Any ideas?

Delores S.4/28/11
I recieved a letter from Cawley & Bergmann yesterday. I was out of work for a whole year in 2009 with the exception of a 1 day temp assignment. I found work the following year in Feb 2010. My job ended in December 2010. I've been on unemployment on and off. Prior to Jan 2009. I was able to pay all my bills in a timely manner. It's really hard when you lose your job and can't pay your bills. I understand the collections agencies doing their job to collect debts. I wish I had the money to pay all my debt but I don't due to lack of work. So I sent them a letter letting them know my current situation -Unemployed. I do believe they are a legitimate collection agency; because the debt I owe is something that I really owe.

If your intent is to pay your debt..go back to the original company..do not pay the third party collectors..they will not remove any info from your credit and they push the thumb of force over you..if your original company will work with you on a settlement hopefully the whole amount ask them to remove the charge-off...get it in writing...send a C&D letter to this company and any other third party collector out there...to any one who thinks we are the reason the country is in trouble..until you have walked in the place's where we have been you have no clue..I am glad you have no problems in the world..judge not least ye be judge...

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