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Bonded Collection Corporation Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Bonded Collection Corporation

29 E. Madison St, Suite 1650
Chicago IL 60602

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
312-279-8300 312-279-8300 312-279-0122 312-279-0122 800-358-4427 800-358-4427 610-916-7263 610-916-7263 800-326-6333 800-326-6333 312-279-8425

Lena B. Wilson8/28/10
They are breaking the law. I just received a call from them for my wife. I advised them that she was not available and offered a message. The woman said she would try back another time. I advised her that was not an option and that I wanted the name of the company and her name. She id'd herself as "Mrs Tools" and the company was BCC. I asked her what BCC stook for and she said "nothing, that is the name of the company." I advised that no company (very few) are just initials, she refused the info and termed the call.

I called back and a gentleman (ha) answered the phone, refused to ID himself and again...would not give the name of the company and hung up on me!

So what did I do? What any good collector would do (yup..that's right, 4 years in the business) and I skipped down the company found the correct name and called back. This time I had to call the 312 number 4 times! No one would answer. Finally the (gentleman) did again but with an attitude. I advised him that I would like a manager, he refused to ID himself by name but implied that he was the manager. I told him that I had found the name of the company and I wanted to know why they were breaking the law by not disclosing the name when specifically asked...the man said "good job for doing your homework" and hung up.

I then called the 800 number, found the extension for their compliance manager and left them a message advising on the calls and my intent.

Martha B. P.9/7/10
This collection agency, Bonded Collection Corporation is not a very good company at all. Their customer representatives talk in a very rude manner and very indecent. They don't even talk logically as well. They will tell you that they sent a claim to other company. And if you ask them for transaction or confirmation number to support that they say they don't give transaction or any confirmation number and that they really don't do that. It is so unprofessional and very ridiculous. So beware of companies like this. If you like you can inform Better Business Bureau for necessary actions.

Meredith C.P.9/14/10
Unpleasant, impolite to the point of being rude are my description of the employees of Bonded Collection Corporation.Imagine, they don't properly ID themselves or even the company which makes you think it's a bogus claim. Also, a lot of info that they have is incorrect like saying that I'm from Michigan when I am actually working in Detroit.I really don't know where they get all the stuff they say to people like me but I think this company has been receiving a lot of complaints.I never would get stuck with debt again considering that I have to deal with companies like this.

Richard Green11/10/10
I applied at this company and to say the least I will not work for them. The office was ghetto/dirty and even the manager was wearing jeans? On a Monday? They are dead center in down town chicago and pay 12HR? The HR rep A Ms. Lawson wore a very low cut shirt and that was totally distracting during the interview she had her breast all up in my face! Im not complaining LOL but it was unproffessional.

Thats why your treated rudely because they pay 12hr and hire any jackass that can put some words together. They are only hurting themselves and putting the clients reputation in danger and themselves! One good lawsuit and they all sent packing. Look what happened to Wexler & Wexler.

Best advice is to document all calls who,when and what time. Inform them in writing that you do not wish to be contacted and if they continue to harrasse you file a complaint with the FDC.

John Gamer1/15/11
I owe a lot of money because I had a small business that I used to make $5K a month then it very suddenly stopped bringing in anything. I used credit cards to buy advertising and expenses, but eventually ran out of money. Now 2 years later, the cards have all sent their vicious dogs after me. BCC actually was very nice compared to a couple. I worked out deal to pay 40% of my debt with a loan from my father-in-law. My only beef was that their offer was not properly dated for when I can get the money.

I had an account that was part of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case, however, Bonded kept calling and each time insisted they had no knowledge of the bankruptcy (although I gave the court and case # each time) and/or that it must have been some other collection agency that I was dealing with. And they completely refuse to give names too. I left a message with the compliance officer and it seemed to stop after that, at least they give the names, extensions and email addresses of their management.

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