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Arthur B. Adler & Associates, Ltd. Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Arthur B. Adler & Associates, Ltd.

25 E Washington St Ste 500
Chicago IL 60602

Additional Known Phone Numbers:

My friend was served a summons last Friday evening by a Chicago police officer stating that he being sued for an old debt originally with PROVIDIAN BANK. The debt was obtained for collection by CACH, LLC and the law firm handling it is ARTHUR B ADLER & ASSOCIATES.

He has no experience in handling anything like this. So his wife wisely researched the process and some of the legal aspects; he, however, had called the law firm earlier in the day (a day before the court date) and made monthly payment arrangements to avoid court and pay off the debt.

He thought it was taken care of and that he would not be responsible for showing up in court or paying further legal fees (except for fees the law firm had already tacked on - the debt itself). He was relieved since the summons stated he would be responsible for a court-appearance fee and in court costs incurred by Adler & Associates. But his wife is convinced that he still need to go to court because the law firm knows that if he wonít show that he would be in default, even though the person he spoke with told him he didn't need to be there and that they (Adler) would show up for the purpose of dropping the case against him. Now he is kicking himself for calling them and making payment arrangements, thus admitting to the debt verbally, though he hasnít signed anything.

So I told him and also advice everybody: Yes GO to court!! CACH does play VERY dirty!! They also told me they would NOT file suit on me if I paid them a lump sum. Being naive I didnít' realize that a citation was indeed a suit! They will say whatever needs to be said to get a default! Also, I guess you could always say you agreed to payments under duress. Not sure on this one but the possibility of going to court scared u into admitting to a payment plan?? CaCh/Collect America plays very dirty. Make darn sure you show up or they will go for default whether you are paying them or not. If you do not have a written payment contract you had best get one immediately for your own protection.

Jesse S.9/7/10
Arthur B. Adler & Associates, Ltd. has been very rude to their customers. I witnessed some of my friends that has been harassed by these people. They have a very strong inter personal skills that was actually like a tiger. They really don't respect their customers regarding on their issues with the company's services.

If you have any concerns and issues with them. Tell them that you are monitoring their calls. And if you can't handle the situation anymore call or notify the Better Business Bureau and file a complaint against them. They will take necessary and legal actions about this.

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