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ARS National Services Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

ARS National Services


Juanita H. Grinnell9/3/10

ARS bought a debt from Capital One. They eventually sent me an offer letter for settlement. Two payments of $384 over the course of two months. So about $780 for a debt that is $1281.

I sent in the first payment and it was processed by my bank. I could see via my banks online portal that the check had been endorsed by ARS and that payment was deducted from my account for the amount stated on the check. I also called my bank and the agent confirmed the check had been withdrawn and that it was not returned.

I spoke with an agent from ARS and told him I had sent in a payment. He said he couldn't find a record of that, then put me on hold while he and his supervisor (Jason Olivas jason.olivas@arsnational.com) did some research. He got back on the phone and told me they still couldn't find the payment, but they would make me a deal and let me make two more payments for the same $384 amount and they'd call it good, which they said would ultimately save me $100 off the total debt amount.

I refused and told him we need to resolve this issue of my payment not being credited to my account. He tried to tell me to call my bank, but I told him I was looking at the check that THEY endorsed right as we were talking on the phone. I asked for the email address of his boss (above) so that I could send a digital copy of the ENDORSED BY ARS check to them. I did that about an hour ago and have yet to hear back.

So right now I am waiting to see how it goes down. No way am I going to make a payment with my CC as I don't trust these people at all. In fact, I don't feel like doing business with them at all, and am thinking about waiting until they decide to sell it to someone else and then just deal with them.

MC Parker9/15/10
Capital One and ARS made me miserable as I incurred a debt of $600 which became a whopping $1500 for ways they could not explain to me.I tried paying for the first time more than half the amount, around $900 so I can have a good credit rating.My bank coordinated well and sent the check to ARS for payment. After two days, they called me again telling me that I they didn't receive any payment which was baloney.My bank could even testify against that.I am considering a legal action against the fraudulent activities of this firm.It is just too much for common folks who work hard.This should all stop.

Another ARS problem3/31/11
NEVER send this company a personal check. Spend the money to get a Money Order (Postal) IF you want to send them payment. READ the FINE PRINT on their offer. It says something to the effect that when YOU pay them with a personal check they reserve the right to grab the additional finds from that account. Which they now can because you personal check has the routing number and account number on it.

ARS buys your debt, make them PROVE that you owe them. They won't be able to do that unless they have all the statements, originally signed agreement and proof you owe THEM the debt. This company is RUDE, makes threats and also calls relatives to find you and harass you in order to get money. I would also be leary that they make the SAME effort to remove your debt from your credit reports. (i.e. report that the debt has been paid off).

I am getting calls from ARS for someone I don't even know!!! All times of day and night. I called them to ask them where they got my number and couldn't get an answer, other than "we'll take you off our list, I'm sorry." Waiting to see if I'll get any more calls.

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