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Apm Financial Solutions Llc Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Apm Financial Solutions Llc

(215) 642-3400

After nicely speaking to one APM rep on a possible hardship settlement, I asked them to make sure they did not continue to deduct payments from my checking account because I could not afford it. I was transferred to someone else. He said he was the manager. I continued to nicely explain my situation and I could agree to send a payment with my hardship request letter. In a matter of seconds, he turned violent and was extremely vicious. He said he would withdraw my hardship request and turn my account over to legal and suggested that I file bankruptcy, if I couldnít afford $30 a month from my checking account. He continued to berate me verbally --- And, here I am trying to communicate and do the best I can under severe circumstances. He is a vile man. No wonder honest, good people donít want to try to do the right thing when they have to deal with unprofessional people like that! I asked for the address of the head of the company so that I could file a complaint and was transferred to a manager who just asked me to send in the full amount, with no concern for how I was treated. After reading some of the other comments, I am now afraid to try to settle me debt with them - Not sure what to do.

APM has contacted my grandmother on numerous occassions for a car that was voluntarily repo'd approximately in 2007. Several representatives told her that if a payment agreement was not made they would take a home away from her. My grandmother is on a fixed income and extremely ill. The calls only stress her out more. The bill started out at $7000 and now it is up to $11,000.00!!! What a rip off.

As they do every month for the past 3 months so far, they call demand money scream and yell like children and then hang up. they are never willing to dicuss a solution or the problem. that's why the problem will not be resolved with them and it can continue until someone with brains is on the other end of the phone.

Aji McVeigh King3/3/11
I agreed to settle a debt in Sept 2009 for an old credit card. I was threatened with being sued, or garnishment of wages. I was 6 months pregnant and scared if I didnít settle I would be in no position to pay after my son was born. I agreed to 3 auto drafts to settle the balance. They turned around a year later, sold that remaining debt to National Action Financial Services. NAFS will not stop calling until I provide a release of debt or settlement paperwork. After my last payment was deducted in Nov 2009 I repeatedly called APM and asked for the release of debt letter as I have been doing now to stop the new calls. These people are idiots. APM does is not a professional business, but rather idiots who answer and make calls all day. They place you on hold only to be picked up by another idiot who will inevitably do the same. No one knows what is going on there, and it is painfully obvious. I have still not recieved my letter and am taking further action.

Kathey Willaims 3/16/11
APM has been calling me for months trying to track down someone who isn't at this phone number. I don't know who had this number before me but I got it from a past person who is not the person they are asking for.
Today, they called me at 7:20 am, which from all I can find breaks the FAIR CREDIT Collection and talk about RUDE messages...They better stop because I am calling the attorney to see what can be sone from the harassment.

I worked there so I KNOW the BULLSHIT they pull this is the WORST collectionion agency that I have ever known from my opinion....The management is ALWAYS HIGH...One time I walked into the office Nd the manager was sleep not lite sleep no like snoring!!!! They are super unprofessional nd no tactical approach to solving real debt...Don't pay these ppl they are IDIOTS!!!!

K Madison4/16/11
I have been receiving calls from APM Financial looking for someone whom I presume is related to the man I divorced 23 YEARS AGO (last name Klus). I have no idea how they connected me to him since I have long since remarried. The people at APM are rude and ignorant and will not help me figure out how my number ended up in their system connected to someone I don't know and don't want to know. I'm seriously considering finding out what kind of charges I can file against them.

not theone urlookinfor4/16/11
This co. has been calling my landline for several months looking for a debtor w/ only a similar name. No other information matches me to the debtor. Wrong address, including state, wrong ss#, a credit card type I have never had. There is no mix-up. I have had the same phone number for 30+ yrs, same address for that many. This co. merely carpet bombs everyone w/ the misfortune to be googled. Reports to the consumer protection agency go nowhere. They must get paid by the engagement, not the actual collection. So far the most effective strategy is caller id coupled w/ firm resolve to let the answering machine pick up and screen all unknown callers. I use a generic message that came w/ the machine. I will never give them the satisfaction of an encounter which, unfathomably, they seem to view as a "win" regardless of the accuracy as to person. Maybe they feel they could potentially harass even the wrong person into some sort of payment on a debt they have never incurred.

Called my parents' house and screamed at my mother, accusing her of being me.

every time they call my amount has gone up for payments and yet the balance never goes down..this is the last agreed upon payment i am making and thye arent getting another penny..its not even my loan its a old car from 8 years ago that was turned in proir to a lease ending and thye sold it at auction and want me to pay the remainder of the car loan..thats why it was leased and returned, had i known i woul still be paying on it id still have the car.

This company called me screaming at me about a debt I owe, I asked them to verify the creditor and they just said Wells Fargo, I told them I had retained an Attorney to handle my Legal Matters, they said my Retainer had Expired(interesting) and they were in the Process of Suing me. I said "Be My Guest" and hung up the phone on them. All I can say folks is Know your Legal Rights and don't be intimidated by a Dirt Bag Collection Agency and the Slime Bucket Lawyers who work for them

These people were calling me for a debt that I never owed. i never had the credit card they were accusing me of owing on. The scary thing was they had my SS# which freaks me out. I finally hung up on them as they were screaming that I was a liar, etc. They also said they had sent me letters regarding this debt, but I haven't reeived anything and it's not on my credit report. I don't know what else I can do, but I'm worried they could use my SS# fraudulently.

APM is a scam from top to bottom.....they try to collect old paid debts by threats and repeated phone calls. I have sent their phone number all over the country to sites that post them so people can call them and bullshit them with bogus "acct numbers" and tie up their phone lines.....I love to call them and make all sorts of promises using fake #'s and they always fall for it.....I had one bozo on hold for 45 minutes while I was making my lunch....There is a way to deal with these kind of people...play on the greed factor.....Have fun

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