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AMO Recoveries Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

AMO Recoveries

5655 Peachtree Parkway
Norcross GA 30092

Additional Known Phone Numbers:

Yes, they are harassing me at work after repeatably telling them not to call me at work. They spoke to my daughter one evening and cussed at her. I have given them specific instructions not to call me at work. They have told me they are going to garnish my wages. Then they called and told a co-worker they would be serving me with papers. It is making me nervous and embarrassed. I spoke to supervisor and the calls stop for about two weeks at my workplace. Now they call repeatably so times 5-6 in a row. i don't have the money to pay nor do I want my paycheck garnished. I barely pay my necessities now. What can I do? I can't even afford an lawyer.

Sarah M.9/7/10
I have been getting some e-mail from AMO Recoveries saying stupid stuff about my credit card. I would delete the messages because I think that they were just skanky e-mails. One time they send me again an e-mail that I just couldn't believe. They were saying that they will take actions and decisions without my opinion etc. I e-mailed back to confirm what business are they into and what they really want from me since I have never heard anything about their company. But they didn't reply to my e-mail. And I take actions to know more information about their company, I searched it online and found out that it was a collection agency. I guess they were just some kind of faulty and unestablished company.


I just got a call from these people and have never heard of them. I don't owe anyone any past due or old bills.

Even if you owe them. Try faxing them a cease and desist letter telling them they are to cease and desist calling you as per the Fair Collection Practices Act. If they do not stop calling they are breaking the law and you can file a complaint but I have done this and it works 98% of the time. You should be able to get their fax # from their website or you can email them.

Ty Sova6/23/11
I have been getting calls from AMO Recoveries everyday. Today I finally decide to call them back. I told the woman on the phone that I receive calls from them everyday no answer they just hang up on me. I then asked who was she looking for she told me Betrice Edwards, I told her I didn't know the girl, she then said/ asked you don't know the girl, I told her no I don't know the girl, woman, man, or person, she paused and then said she would remove my number from the list. If AMO is waiting on a woman to answer the phone at my residents they will be waiting a life time because no women reside here. How can I get them to stop calling. Sense they're calling for money can I sue them for harassment.

David C7/14/11
I got a letter from them saving I own the state money, they say its my second notice I never got my first one. I call them using a land line phone that I do not use. So they would not keep calling me.
Anyway I do not trust those SOBs

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