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Account Resolution Corporation Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

Account Resolution Corporation

(636) 733-3346

Sarah Bolin3/24/11
I want you to understand that I have just filed a complaint against your company with the FTC after speaking with two of your representatives at the Chesterfield location, Melissa at ext. 111 who claimed to be the supervisor and the man who originally called who Melissa refused to identify.
First of all, your company has been calling my phone number, 636-566-6292 repeatedly over the course of the last month and as I answer, the phone is hung up without reply, so obviously your system is malfunctioning when it is prank calling private homes.
When I decided to call the number back today, believing it must be a telemarketer, the unidentified male was EXTREMELY rude. He refused to state what the purpose of the call was, and your company name. I said that I wanted to be removed from your calling list and he asked for my number, which I did provide. Then he asked for my name. Considering that at that point, I had NO idea what this concerned I said I didn't feel comfortable providing that information and he said he would not remove my number unless I gave him my name. I demanded he put a supervisor on the phone and he responded with shouting "GOODBYE!" and hung up.
I called back a second time and simply said "Put your supervisor on the phone." and this same male stated in a very sarcastic tone, "Ooooh threatening me now?" and laughs. I asked him how asking for his supervisor was threatening when he transferred me through to another line. Your "supervisor" Melissa at ext. 111 answered the phone. After speaking with her she did state that they were not a telemarketer, but a debt collection agency.
Melissa asked for my number, which I gave her and said that it didn't appear in their system any longer, and assumed that it had already been removed, however I find it strange that she then asked about a woman named Angela at my number, which there is no one here by that name.
So the harassment has been the result of your company calling the wrong number. I told her that I will probably file a complaint and asked for the company name, which she provided, and address which she gave your PO BOX number. She refused to state a physical address when I asked or her last name. I started to say, "thank you" before hanging up when she began literally screaming at me over the phone. "WHAT'S YOUR NAME! WHAT'S YOUR ADDRESS! WHY ARE YOU CALLING!" and I simply hung up the phone.

This behavior is completely inexcusable. How dare your company this incredibly negligent in the training and conduct of it's employees. I have suffered stress, harassment and and extraordinarily rude behavior because your company has been calling my private residence looking for a woman who does not, nor has ever lived here.

Sarah Bolin

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