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ACA Recovery Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

ACA Recovery


Additional Known Phone Numbers:
201-670-8851 201-336-1026 201-336-1026

I received a letter from this company a.c.a recovery inc this past Friday April 16, 2004 stating that I owe $175.05 for a check I wrote to toys r us that bounced back in Dec.2003.

I called this number 201-670-8851 Mr. Cutler was assigned my case but I guess he wasn't available since Sheldon Brooks told me he would be handling it.

I told Sheldon Brooks that I received a letter from the toys r us check recovery dept back in Dec letting me know that my check had bounce. I told them I would go down to my local toys r us and make the payment. The first week in Jan is when I went to pay it.

Sheldon Brooks told me that I didn't go down there to pay it. I said yes I did. He said no you didn't. I said where do you get off telling me what I did or didn't do? He said it's not toys r us policy to accept payment. Well I told him then maybe you should tell them that because it is and you can pay at the store. He told me well you shouldn't be writing bad checks. Oh I forgot to mention that my check amount was 30.05 I paid 50.05 which included the 20.00 charge from toys r us.

I told Sheldon I don't go around writing bad checks, but these things do happen once in a while. Since I haven't heard from toys r us in months I cleaned out my pocket book and I must have thrown out the receipt of my payment weeks ago. I had spoken to toys r us and they're looking for my payment on file. They told me they used to deal with aca recovery but they don't any longer.

I asked Sheldon Brooks to send me a colored copy of my canceled check . I knew he couldn't since 2 weeks after I made my payment at the store they sent me my canceled check in the mail. Sheldon told me I can send you a copy of it but it won't be colored. Then asked me why do I want it in color. I said well since you said I didn't pay, and your asking me for 175.05 to be sent to you then you must have my check. He hung up the phone on me. What an idiot this guy was. The worst experience I have ever had.

these scumbags keep calling me about a debt that is not mine even!

I do not like the debt collection calls that I get. I cannot call them anything other than harassment. I specifically told them to call me on my home number, and yet they keep calling me on my business number. This is totally embarrassing. The supervisors tell me to stop these calls. I donít want to lose my job and I donít want to have my pay check decreased. Besides, these calls are very annoying and they happened several times every day for many days in a row.

A couple of days ago, this debt collection agency called me with telemarketing offers by email and phone. I did not like the unneeded harassment. They offered me products that I did not even need. I wish this company never called me. They piss me off. I talked to other users of the same company and they also told me the company pissed them off.

Percy Trantor11/9/10
I've been receiving debt collecting calls for two weeks now even though I told them from the first call that I don't even owe them anything.I blocked my number now just because those people don't leave me alone.

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