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A & S Collection Associates, Inc Collection Agency | Complaints, Contact Phone Number

A & S Collection Associates, Inc

2847 VT RT 14
Williamstown VT 5679

Additional Known Phone Numbers:
802-433-2101 802-433-2101 800-660-6642 800-660-6642 800-639-6566 800-639-6566 802-433-2100

Randy L. Dixon8/31/10
I received a collection letter from A&S Collection Associates, Inc. for $104.95 in June of 2009. Upon calling them, they told me that it was for placemat advertising for a local restaurant provided by Nationwide Advertising. It took 2 months for A&S to get back to me with a faxed copy of the Nationwide invoice. The name, and address were not even correct and there were no signatures on it. Per my request neither A&S nor Nationwide will send me a placemat so I can see what I am being charged for.

I've been to the restaurant 3 times the last one today (10-29-09) and they have not had any advertisement placemats delivered. The manager told me that there have been other businesses inquiring as well. I think A&S and Nationwide are in this together. A&S told me I need to have Nationwide withdraw the collection order and Nationwide told me that A&S Collections purchased the receivables for .50 on the dollar and I have to get A&S to drop it. A&S told me that I could pay $200.00 to an attorney to pursue them or I could just pay the $104.95 so they would get off my case. Seems like extortion to me. Also, on the latest collection letter received today threatening to report our business to Equifax they list a North Carolina permit number AND That that the collection agency is licensed by the Minnesota Dept. of Commerce. I requested the Minnesota license number from A&S today and they wouldn't give it to me. When I put their info into the Minnesota DofC website they don't come up.

I just cannot tolerate such rude debt collector calls. I think it's reasonable that the company does not use swear words when they talk to someone over the phone. Every time I hear somebody calling with words like "pay back your debt, you stupid idiot," I get very disturbed. Not only that, they call several times a day.

The debt collection agency tells me to pay more than I think I should pay. I did not agree to pay so much. This is unreasonable and unfair. They are pissing me off. I tell my friends not to deal with them. I donít want to receive telemarketing calls and emails from them.

Bob Damon11/9/10
The last debt collecting calls I've received really bothered me . The same representative from this agency started to yell on the phone trying to tell me that I owe more money than I actually do.It's really disturbing.

Tracy Amann4/13/11
A & S is trying to get me to pay $220 for a bill that was supposed to be $70. I was never once billed for this service. Not through the dentist or A & S, they just call and tell me I owe $110 (half of the total bill) I ALWAYS pay my bills ontime. My ex was responsible for this bill and didn't pay it. They've apparently billed him over the last several months but we do not speak and I knew nothing of the bills! Now it's almost triple and I'm supposed to pay half, even though I didn't know about it!!! I really don't know how those people that work there sleep at night! I'm an honest person and I pay ALL my bills when they are due. All I can hope for is Karma! What comes around goes around.

this company has had its license revoked in Tennessee, Maine, Massachussetts, Arizona, and California. It has a BBB rating of F. Their owner is currently serving prison time for cocaine conviction. they hide out in Vermont, because Vermont only requires a GED to operate a extortion bussiness (collection agency).

They are not legitimate. do not pay them anything. Take them to court. I did, and won!

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