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Rebecca N. Sera8/28/10
This third party collection agency is a repeated offended of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, PL 95-109. At their initial contact with me, I requested a written notice my Dell account had been turned over for collection. I finally received this notice two weeks later and several phone calls from them later. They dated their notice 11/23/2009, and I received it on 11/27/2009. I replied to their written notice on 12/17/2009, explaining I had an agreement with Dell Financial Services on 10/23/2009, to make a monthly payment of $45 a month to be paid by the 13th of each month (in which I pay directly to Dell every month, on line payments), on a Debt
Reduction program with Dell. Pentagroup claims Dell Financial Services turned this debt over for collection on 10/24/2009 (the next day) and they did not show a record of any such agreement with Dell. They stated I had to make payments to Pentagroup and that Dell wouldn't even allow me to contact them, let alone make payments to them. The strange thing is, I have made each payment directly to Dell, and Dell is still sending me monthly electronic statements. In addition to this disceptive information, Pentagroup has called me 4 times at my place of employment after I told them on the first call that my employer does not allow personal phone calls. They call some days as many as 6 times a day. I've told them it is illegal for Pentagroup and Dell Financial to both be contacting me, it's illegal for Dell Financial to add interest, late fees or penalties after they've turned it over for collection. I've never received a notice from Dell Financial Services that they turned my account over for collection, I am still in contact with the original creditor, and they, Dell Financial, is still accepting correspondence and payments from me.

Their collector's are rude and continue to break the law. I have filed 2 complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, and an ammendment, as well as filing a complaint with my state's Attorney General.

If this company is harrassing you, I like to hear about your story. I have been doing my best to pay our bills, but it is hard since my husband has been unemployed since March of this year, I was unemployed for 6 weeks and went back to working making less than half of my previous salary. I have sent Pentagroup Financial Services, LLC and Dell Financial Services, a personal financial statement showing our income and expenses, which shows a shortfall of money to the tune of about $600.00 a month. But this bunch of debt collectors could really care less. Their continued disceptive collection practices leaves me wondering if they are a scam. They are certainly heartless.

This company never runs out of ways to contact me. They call me on my home phone, business phone and cell phone. Not only that, they contact me on the Internet through email, social networking, Internet forums and guest books. I know about the loan Ė they donít need to tell me multiple times.

The huge loans add up with a lot of interest expense that has to be paid. I canít believe that the interest is so huge. These scumbags gave me a loan that was too big. Iím not sure if I can pay it now. The collection calls donít stop Ė they call several times a day.

They don't call to harrass me but they are collecting money out of my bank account every month by agreement. Now I'm wondering should I contact the original creditor to see if they turned my account over to them.

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