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Chris P. Thurmond8/22/10
My name is Chris P. Thurmond Island National Group sent me a bill in the mail to collect a debt in reguards to fingerhut/Axsys ($116.29) I have never heard of fingerhut in my life up until now. Iam only 20 years old, my birthdate is 12/24/1985. The debt is reguarding the account opened December 12,2000 I was only 14 years old at that time. I believe someone used my social security number and my name. Now this debt is on my credit report and I don't appreciate it. I would like it to be off my credit report! I have proof of my age according to my driver's license, birth cirtificate, and social security card. I think they are not a legit company and do not check all records. Not recommended to anyone.

I made the mistake of admitting to a debt with one of the vultures that called me from their company. The guy started yelling at me about how I need to be responsible and pay my bill. First off, I already admitted to the debt so why in the world was he yelling at me?! I told the guy I had to go and hung up the phone. I don't have time to deal with rude people. If they are going to make an approach, then they better do it right or nothing will get resolved to their liking.

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